Disciples: Liberation Test

It was a long time since the last game within the Disciples series came out for the PC. It was 2002 when Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy was released, followed by numerous expansions. In 19 years on Frima Studio’s team Frima Studio is aiming for an upcoming revival. The plan combines traditional and well-tested game elements and a dash of modernity. It’s not bad on the surface, particularly considering that the previous Disciples games were excellent. But are you able to keep players to the television in 2021? You can!

Dark fantasy stories

The tale of Disciples: Liberation revolves around an individual named Avyanna, who, along with a crony, was charged with removing the shady priest. However, the mission is unsuccessful, and just a couple of days later, she’s in the city of mystery called Lillian. The real adventure begins, during which she meets many characters, factions, and characters. All of this takes place in the dark, fantasy world of Nevendaar that many may recall from the previous Disciples games.

The story of the Disciples: Freedom has it all without divulging too much at this moment. In the beginning, the story is slow, partly due to the rather sterile presentation comprising numerous text windows at the very least, with voice output as well as half-animated portraits. However, as the plot picks up, it will be to experience an adventure that’s both dark and exciting. This is due to, among other things, the interplay between diverse factions and the conversations that take place along with your choices, which can impact the future course of events. Therefore, it is essential to allow the game time to play out.

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Mayor, combat, and exploration

The introduction to the game mentions Disciples: Liberation is a blend of role-playing and strategy. But, don’t overvalue the former, as there are no essential RPG elements and not as deep as Final Fantasy & Co. However, there is at least an advancement system. The gameplay is split into two distinct parts: when you move in the overview map, everything takes place in real-time. You travel through the fantasy world and meet people who offer you tasks, discover treasures, and then, of course, you’ll encounter creatures and other enemies. It is also necessary to find mines and other sources of resources to construct or extend your city Lillian.

This is crucial for a variety of reasons. For instance, you are slowly building new structures. These are used for different reasons, including recruiting new troops or creating more efficient equipment. All of this and more – is crucial for the war’s success, as you’ll be in a bind in the end by relying on the first units. This type of base-building isn’t pervasive, but it’s intriguing enough to keep you entertained.

The majority of your time is spent playing Disciples liberation in combat regardless. When there’s an encounter with your enemies, the battle fades into the battlefield, divided into tiles showing the whole army. Contrary to the exploratory aspect of the vast maps, action is placed turn-by-turn. Like other games of strategy, the units come with action points you need to use as efficiently as you can. Every step or movement consumes some of these points. If you make a mistake and you’ll soon be behind.

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Furthermore, you should always take the surrounding area in your strategy: On most battlefields, there are obstacles or obstacles you could strategically utilize for your benefit. For instance, if you begin by seeking cover with your troops to strike back with maximum force following the first attack, this could make the difference between winning and losing. The formation of your soldiers also plays a significant role. But, this is not without its disadvantages. Notably, the balancing of battles is often a little out of sync. In most competitions, you’re confronted with massively outnumbered troops, or even there are a lot of unfairly tough battles. Additionally, they can take a significant amount of time, despite having an impressive acceleration and auto-pilot function.

A little uninteresting however, it is still stylish

The design of Disciples: Liberation isn’t precisely its most impressive feature. The overall look is a little dirty and stylistically similar to previous Disciples spin-offs. However, the game has an appealing charm primarily due to the attention to detail and the unified design. The music certainly doesn’t stand away from branches, yet it does not appear negative either – it’s just a part of it.

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