Destiny 2: Beyond The Light Test

The campaign is about. It is the first step toward a new trilogy. The trilogy will complete the following expansions over the coming two years. Like every other game, you’ll shoot through a string of missions featuring extravagant cutscenes and fight many enemies and a variety of bosses before the showdown with Aramis. In the context of the next installment, It’s pretty cool, although the overall design follows well-worn routes.

The brand new Europa region initially draws amazed eyes, as the ice-covered landscapes and ruins appear elegant. Furthermore, a new weather system can blow the snow around your ears. But, technically speaking, Bungie isn’t to blame again. The new environments are gorgeously created and operate very smoothly across every platform. This is despite the fact the next-generation upgrade won’t come out until the 8th of December. There’s already a benefit to faster loading times and a better frame rate for PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S. However, the barren landscape becomes somewhat monotonous as time passes, mainly because the area isn’t overly huge.

In addition to the brand new campaign, new players can look forward to an updated tutorial that veterans can enjoy due to Quest Archive. Significant portions of the cosmodrome in the first game were restored and incorporated into the game. The tutorial is also one small game that aims to introduce you to the fundamentals of the game, and it can do quite well. Veteran players, however, can enjoy a bit of nostalgia and buy some pieces or two to improve their armor and weapons. It’s unfortunate that aside from one mission in the primary campaign, no more is happening at the cosmodrome if it’s just to break vanilla ice.

As the update is released, players anticipate seeing a complete reset of your items’ levels. Starting with a minimum threshold of 1050 points, you’ll be able to increase it to 1200 using new loot or enhancements to the existing items. You’ll not lose the points if you have greater than 1050 points following the previous season. Looters will be thrilled with the new armor and weapons with various variations, including basic junk to more exotic pieces. Based on previous experiences, however, not enough new items have been added, as we have seen from previous expansions.

But, veterans have the decision to say goodbye to some of their favorites because Bungie uses the occasion to clear out old equipment. Many older items have 1060 as their max level, meaning they are suitable only to dismantle. However, leveling up new loot is pretty fast (almost too quick), which means you can begin optimizing within a relatively short period. But there appears to be an absence of variety, and the reality that numerous items that were mined and upgraded over many hours have lost any worth will likely annoy many players. It’s also annoying that the limitations limit even the latest equipment, like those from Fortress of Shadows.

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Destiny 2‘s has been drastically reduced, cleaning out the clutter of the world. Bungie has packed many planets and content into the Content Vault to streamline the game. Mercury, Mars, or Io are gone along with other content such as raids and strikes. Leviathan, along with the Forge, is also in the attic. Therefore, you’ll need to live with ETZ, Moon, Nessus, Wirrbucht, and Dreaming City along with Europa and Cosmodrome.

Unfortunately, numerous quest lines along with strikes patrols, strikes, and other activities have disappeared completely. New players are left with the tutorial that was updated for the Forsaken campaign and Fortress of Shadows and Beyond the Light. This isn’t enough anymore, and the players who are free to play via New Light are left with much less. Vanguard Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible are also being cleaned, and many ended up in the trash can.

For those who want to put it simply In the shortest way: after six days (or five days, since day one isn’t counted because of server issues), we’re not able to do besides the scattered empire hunts and diligence mission, as well as a few odds and conclude at Variks. This is a lot greater for a three years old game. We will likely be seeing one or both of these areas in the future – Bungie plans to reuse parts of older content from time to time as part of expansions and seasons. However, some won’t be pleased with this decision, and we’re not sure that Bungie has earned any favors by making this decision. Also, joy is only available through your computer since instead of a massive 100GB, the new client consumes around 65GB across all platforms.

There is, however, a thing that has been made available to guardians. The three previous focal points, Solar, Arcus, and Void, have been given a new focus. Once you have completed the campaign, you’ll get Stasis as a brand new focus and, therefore, new subclasses for three classes: Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. The new focus is also slightly different from the earlier variants. Using abilities, aspects, and fragments, you’ll be able to modify this focus according to your preferences.

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Stasis is primarily based on dark-ice abilities that are most useful in controlling enemies. They can slow down and block, freeze the enemy, and make them fragments. Mainly for teams, This focus must be exciting to keep the hordes of enemies at bay and then take them down together with other targets. For solo players, we have observed that Stasis is not as effective, mainly since the use of new skills requires to be mastered first and also since it is quick as direct damage is less significant. Also: Stasis is only fun when you play it on your own. In PvE freezing, it’s the possibility of death often.

What we observed most while playing the PvP and campaign is the imbalance of the new focus; however, there are weaknesses in the new weapons and difficulties throughout the campaign, depending on whether you are playing solo or as part of a group. Although the campaign opening and certain boss fights are not easy for solo players, it gets easier reasonably quickly, and the equipment levels increase.

However, as a team, missions are too simple again; even the last fight against Aramis was an easy battle. It was challenging to get rid of the impression that, on one hand, the enemy’s scale as well, while on the other, the difficulty level and equipment levels do not fit together in a good way. This is an area in which Bungie could enhance. The lines between disillusionment and anger were indeed fluid during our game.

There is also the need to improve weaponry. Yes, we are pleased that new guns are readily available, but some weapons become too strong in a short time. This is particularly evident in PvP, where the latest Impulse Rifle and The Griff of Redemption stasis grenade launcher can be found virtually every loadout.

The fact that there’s an actual remedy for stasis freezing in PvP is great fun to kill. Unfortunately, if you are frozen, you’re effectively dead. Freeing your body from the frozen state takes much too long to be able to play fast PvP. Bungie needs to make improvements to this. Otherwise, only masochists will venture into the fiery crucible soon.

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