Deponia is back on PS4

A unique story unlike any other

The story is set in the world of Deponia, a kind of dump site in which a lot of trash is deposited, and the inhabitants are skilled in removing it. Our protagonist, Rufus, is an unlucky parasite which is not keen on being employed and living with their girlfriend Toni. He hopes to be a part of the refuge of Elysium, where everyone is a millionaire and is free of anxiety.

We help this loser in his search for heaven by solving different puzzles. Of course!

His journey is full of dangers, funny miscommunications, bizarre friendships

Particularly when he meets Goal particularly when he encounters Goal, a charming and mysterious girl straight from Elysium and who is about to plunge (literally) in his arms.

Pretty basic gameplay

After the tutorial has ended, it’s time to go into the core of Rufus his story. In the course of the game.

The humor of the world will be celebrated.

And it is not unusual to be amused by the funny situation the protagonist was involved in and the many conversations among Rufus and the other inhabitants of the world of Deponia.

Finding objects within the landscape is easy, but be sure to pay attention attentively to what the people or Rufus will say since.

They can assist you with specific combinations you can make.

It is important to know that in this game.

The help system doesn’t exist.

This is why you’ll need to think about the kinds of objects you’ll have to design.

Additionally, you’ll need to play mini-games that are a form of puzzles in order to operate mechanisms, or even use mechanisms, or even send Rufus to an alternate planet.


The gameplay itself is simple

It does not offer any significant change compared to other titles of similar genres.

The PS4 grip, even though it has a tutorial, is quite rough

For those who are used to PC point-and-click, this won’t impact players who are new to this type of game.

It is regrettable that some elements like

Character speed has not changed

This slow moving between various places of significance (and there are plenty due to the back-and-forth) is a hindrance to the dynamism of the story.

The general deponia’s difficulty is very high.

It is essential to be patient and rational to avoid the game’s obstacles.

The universe of American cartoons

The German developers have succeeded in bringing us to cartoonish worlds.

The world is filled with hand-crafted costumes and sets, and all with hand-crafted sets and characters, all done in 2D. Although the setting is mostly focused on the tone of humor,

graphics is a thing that adds beauty for those who are fans of cartoons.

The humorous plot and the music perfectly fit into the game.

But without becoming boring or distracting. The details are good; the interesting points are usually discovered in areas you would not expect them and blend seamlessly to the surroundings and can often increase the challenge playing.

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