Demon’s Souls guide – how to open the door in the Obelisk of the Knight of the Tower

The mystery surrounding the mysterious new entrance within the Demon’s Souls remake is finally solved! With the help of the streamer who has the name distortion2, we discovered how to open the mysterious door in the Boletaria palace. Boletaria is located in the 3rd location (Obelisk of Knights of the Tower). To solve the mystery, players can win a luxurious armor made by the soul that is”the Piercing!”

It was entirely about ceramic coins. Ceramic coins are an exciting component in Demon’s souls remake that unlocks an undiscovered area in which there is a prize waiting for us. It’s not the only one. Shadow of the Colossus remake had a similar feature – there was also a locked door required you to collect 79 coins to unlock it.

Be aware that these coins may only be collected if the game is entirely black or white in the Fractured mode. This is a mode which is mirrored (mirrors) the whole game’s environment, including your character as well as opponents. Additionally, these coins are ineffective: they can’t be transferred, break when dropped by one participant and taken by another, and become cracked ceramic pieces. However, both the whole and broken coins have their primary purpose: to restore an incredible amount of health (about sixty HP).

How does this work? There’s a mysterious lock door hidden behind the Obelisk of the Knight of the Tower [1-3] inside Boletar’s palace. Boletar. It can be used to communicate with; however, special items known as ceramic coins are required to unlock the door.

  • The door itself lies hidden behind the wall of illusions. To get it open, you must collect 26 ceramic coins and present these to the Crow Sparkly in locations 3-1. She will then give you a rusty key. As we’ll remind, Ceramic coins can only be discovered when playing in fractured mode.
  • Utilize the key that is rusty to unlock the door. Inside you’ll find the Piercing armor sets. This set is only available to Demon’s Souls remake and combines perfectly with the sword of the same demon.

Ceramic Coins can only be used for trading using Sparkly Crow. In other circumstances, they’re ineffective! This is why you should save them from swapping them out to your most favored set of armor for your boss.

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