Demon Skin review – Russian God of War on minimal settings Review

Studio from home Ludus Future presented brutal action game Demon Skin, which combines intriguing mechanics with elements from various genres. It is not right to pass over this intriguing game from us and here’s the review that will let you know what the Russian creators managed to amaze us and whether the game is worth watching.

In this review , you’ll learn how Russian developers surprised us, and whether or not this project is worth taking a look at.

  • Producer: Ludus Future
  • Publisher: Buka Entertainment
  • Date of release: April 13, 2021

Demon Skin is credible from the first gameplay footage It’s clear that we’re entering an eerie world of fantasy and the multi-faceted combat system is sure to be a fresh take on the genre. However, I’m not planning to be a snob and continue to write a review.

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Demon Skin opens the door to a dark, mystical world in which the dark minions have been a common sight for a long time. The Wanderers are members from a popular order that has supernatural powers, are trying to make them prove wrong. One of them is given a storyline to tell in his “probation” it is an observer of the old ritual, in which undead seek to bring back the ancient artifact. The hero is able to stop it but at the cost of his very essence. Under an influence from the flow of energy, he transforms into the shape of a demon.

The story begins with a weak and ineffective blue-skinned warrior on a mission to retrieve an artifact piece in order to regain his former appearance. True, the undead will be waiting for him on the road but the hero isn’t used to them.

For the plot, it’s a straight tale that doesn’t have any surprises. The Wanderer is constantly moving towards his goal, and overcoming numerous obstacles. On the way, he’ll encounter a variety of heroes, but not all attempt to kill him. the mysterious archer comes to his aid several times as well as the giant who walks aimlessly around the back will be able to help in a crisis situation to show gratitude for acts of kindness that we’re not taught about.

The plot, although basic, is easy to digest and usually evokes positive feelings.

Game world

This world Demon Skin consists of different places that the protagonist is expected to go to and the dark winter forest that is now a battlefield of dead bodies, as well as deep dungeons that contain creepy creatures and the twilight forest where one would like to leave as quickly as they can.

The game uses the game in a 2.5D perspective, which is a side-view game with three-dimensional objects as background. the developers maximize the benefits of this. There’s something fascinating to see out in the distance (e.g. the fight of two titans) and many more – often, background characters and objects interrupt Wanderer’s journey.
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As an example At one point like I mentioned earlier the harmless giant in the background begins to come at us, but not to kill the hero rather to aid him. Overall the game’s world and the developer’s explorations with them impressed me.


Demon Skin can be described as a combination of fighting game, platformer hack-and-slash game, RPG and action in the style that is “Dark Souls”. From the platformer , the game took on the hero’s position lies in front, and on the way he’ll come across numerous space challenges, in which you have to decide when to jump to navigate the region. Some locations have hidden areas, but they never connect to the story. In this regard, Demon Skin is a classic platformer.

The most interesting thing is the unique combat system that is readily identified by players who played browser-based RPGs with text like “Carnage.

It is possible to use the mouse to select any of three different stances (high medium, low) and then attack with this direction, however, when your opponent is using the same strategy then you’ll be blocked. Therefore, every opponent requires an individual approach (some are protected by a head while others sport breast armor) The battles are characterized by a specific strategy and tactics, even though they are in real-time. Additionally, if you strike precisely at the right time it can result in the possibility of a stun or amazing finish.

There are more than 30 varieties of crushing and cutting weapons to pick from that include the traditional medieval swords and axes Hammers, and many more. The designers didn’t load them with tons of attributes, and instead limited them to one characteristic that is damage. Instead, they developed the concept of combos like in fighting games. You hit a specific sequence of keys, it triggers special blows that result in increased damage.

Furthermore there is the possibility that the Wanderer can discover weapons “from other worlds” in his stashes that resemble something that is “ultimate” (for instance swords can release beams that strike every object that is in the path of its travel). These capabilities are quite amazing in terms of the realm of animation and damage and, in tough battles, will be the most important or even the only argument.

Its Demon Skin bestiary isn’t as stunning as the Witcher however, it does contain terrifying werewolves, creepy zombies and giant spiders and skeletons. There are also trolls, skeletons necromancers, and more. The opponents have their own unique behaviors and are have a tendency to hurt a bit. There is no doubt that the AI isn’t very smart.

In the RPG Demon Skin got a simple system for pumping (three branches: health, endurance, and damage) and during combat, the most important indicators are damage and the protection that are added to the attributes of the weapon as well as the hero. Each time a location is visited, one can sense how the hero becomes stronger. He finds artifact crystals and transforms his appearance while at while gaining strength. This system doesn’t burden the player.
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The various mechanics mentioned above are in harmony with one another, however they’re all implemented… in a way that is sloppy and this makes the game an experience that is a mix of.

It is clear in the very beginning when the protagonist has to sprint across the platforms away from the mountain avalanche which is a true stress test for nerves since the actions of the character don’t permit them to complete the task in the initial attempt. Personally, the pursuit brought me to tears, as I was I was reminiscing about games from the past in which similar issues forced me to restart time after time.

As you progress through this feature, you begin to observe everything in the combat system when your enemies strike too fast and you don’t find the time to figure out which block to place. In the storyline you encounter sloppy and basic dialogs, it’s as if you are puppets and not real characters. It’s not at all bad however, the flaws are incredibly obvious.


At the end of the day, we’ve got an excellent game by Russian developers. The similarity to God of War here is not an accident. Similar to Kratos his hero, the hero is a ferocious and uncompromising warrior who shatters the undead who cross his way. In the world of the dark fantasy there’s also room to enjoy beautiful landscapes which can let you forget the horrors that were in the background and is waiting to be discovered.

In the world of dark fantasy, there’s also room to enjoy beautiful scenery, that help you forget the terror that was left in the background and is waiting to be discovered.

Demon Skin incorporates many mechanics that, surprisingly, don’t merge into a mess. Its combat mechanics are intriguing but you won’t see it in contemporary action games. The combats are intricate The game’s world is made to be alive and the process of leveling is easy, which is the advantage.

It’s not worth ignoring it’s true that game’s creator as well as game’s designer was the only person who throughout the course of seven years (!) development process , overcame a variety of obstacles, and at the end, he achieved his goals. However, Demon Skin is not without imperfections, it is on the list of top Russian games.

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