Deck of Ashes – Tome of Dimensions Review

April 21 card RPG deck of Ashes from the Russian studio AYGames launched on consoles of the previous and the current generation, but the game was only available on PC for nearly two years. To commemorate the release on the new platforms, the creators have created a story-based expansion “Folio of Dimensions” and I’ll tell you the story in my review.

  • Producer:AYGames
  • Publisher: Buka Entertainment
  • Please enter the date:April 21, 2022

A brief review of the game’s base has been already written by my friend who concluded his review by pointing out the biggest resemblance of this card RPG with the cult Slay the Spire. I’m not going start the description from scratch, and instead will focus solely on the DLC and for those of you who you’re a bit sloppy and visit this page and you’re not familiar the game Deck of Ashes, I recommend you read the article by clicking the link above.

I remember the game Deck of Ashes tells the tale of four criminals living in an imaginary world. The gang accidentally triggers Apocalypse. Then, throughout the game they try to fix the wrong.

“Folio of Dimensions” includes a fifth character, Sibylle, to the anti-heroes’ team and recounts her personal story. The elf’s family mysteriously vanished before humans had even shown up and their efforts to find her have been unsuccessful. Following the events that started this story Deck of Ashes, there is no more time for anything else – as a team as Master Ashes, we must assist her.

Although the add-on is based on the game in its entirety however, it’s self-contained. The story told by Sybil is not connected with the story of base four. It can be played from the beginning or following the conclusion. The only thread that was part of the plot of the story included the prince of Ashes and he merely oversees the heroine.

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To enter Sybil’s world, where the inhabitants of Sybil live, Sybil have to gather four stones, and then defeat the principal boss. The DLC includes a brand new map featuring four dungeons. In each, it’s not difficult to figure out powerful enemies guard the items in the story.

“Folio of Dimensions” is a game that adds content however, it does not alter the game play – we’ll have to go on a journey and find random battles, events and chests. In the camp, you are able to rest, purchase items, and pump cards from the blacksmith. If you’re unfamiliar with the origins the concept, it’s not hard to get it right.

Seevilla is one of the Local “dark Elf”. Similar to the gang members she’s not a uplifting character. She keeps her skulls in her closet which are easy to discern from the comic books-style plot sketches. She is armed with a magical bow however her necromancer powers are far more interesting.

According to its creators, will add one hundred maps in connection with the new heroine. Actually, there are less than 30.

Seevilla is able to summon skeletons who, if they were not required to face the first adventures. They create adverse effects of the opponents and kill them with a with a string of arrows, or even single shots. The summoned creatures greatly aid in the action, since they act as a shield for the heroine and if you’re fortunate enough to be able summon a powerful Skeletons, they also hit hard, denying players of the necessity to take on any task at all.

Maybe the heroine was just too strong, as throughout the add-on, I didn’t have any issues despite being in the genre of Rogue-lite. From the start to the end credits, it took it took only 2.5 hours. Then, after cleaning up the first dungeon game, the player begins to bore you – playing around in the points in the midst of destroying uninteresting enemies and collecting quest-related items.
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There is no problem with enemies as well as the boss, who is unjust, I believe, has raised the XP by 50-100 times in comparison to normal opponents, but was able to beat it on another attempt. The first failed due to due to a bug. The”sacrificial” cards, also known as “sacrificial” cards which replenish the deck were not falling out and the player was forced to suffer the consequences gently. The good news is that I went with moderate difficulty , and “saved” on the beginning but not on the hardcore which is where there’s no room for error the game could have been a pity.

I’d like to also note that the leveling of Sybil with regard to her skills is not there for reasons, and in terms of the resources available available, I will emphasize imbalance. In the first few minutes, you’ll be running around with a ton gold in one hand and a plethora of keys to chests in another but there’s no place to put the keys.

In the final analysis, Folio of Dimensions is the type of novel that doesn’t carry on the storyline, but lets you linger inside the isolated world of Deck of Ashes for a bit longer. I enjoyed the new heroine, the criminal’s tale is as mysterious as the other members of the original group, and her skills are captivating that make me feel strong and powerful. The new addition, though it gets dull closer to the end will be over in a short amount of time.

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