Dead Age 2 – Darkest Dungeon zombie review Review

The initial Dead Age was released in 2016 and is a turn-based RPG set in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Thousands of reviews have praised it on Steam players that have stated that it’s a fantastic game with a dazzlingly twisty plot, a brutal survival that has the possibility of losing a member for eternity, and cleverly interwoven RPG elements. The consensus is that “The Walking Dead” fans should pay attention to the brand new dilogy. This review will focus on the sequel.

  • producer: Silent Dreams
  • Publisher: Headup
  • The release date is 13. March 2021

Despite the low popularity of the first game five years later, the game’s creators proudly announced the sequel that was a type of correction for the flaws and improvements to what had worked well. While I did not play the original game, just to familiarize myself with the sequel, they state on the page description that it’s not required and is the perfect way to play the game without bias. The review lets you discover how it will interest users of all ages and its strengths and weaknesses.

The Walking Dead plot

The most famous zombie apocalypse show, The Walking Dead, is a story about an entire group of people who, year after year, endure in an endless world, face various factions and monsters and face the ugly aspect of human existence. The same story is the basis for Dead Age 2, and those who love the series are bound to enjoy it.

The story is an excellent one.

We’ve seen that in the initial part, scientists managed to develop a cure for a hazardous virus. However, the world was not returned to the way it was before – there were new factions who continued to battle for dominance, and the adversaries as zombies didn’t disappear. Jackk has to endure these circumstances in the camp, and the story continues with the sudden loss of a friend from the past. The player is expected to determine the motives behind this crime and, at the same time, work out relationships with those of the “Military,” “Bandits,” and “Independents,” establishing a camp and visiting the surrounding area.

Although the story isn’t unique, it’s engaging to read because it has well-written characters. The dialogues are entertaining to read, the characters’ experiences are genuine, and, as a result, you are enticed by the characters who are virtual victims. Some stories have a complete storyline but are not content with the idea that the entire storyline disappears if the character dies and is killed.

The choices made by the player affect the course of the story. As a result, you could save someone, meet a need or just admit insanity and get on with your daily business. For example, a young woman who escaped a massacre requested that I visit the spot where her group was killed to find out if her friend was alive.

On the spot, my group discovered his body amid marauders and had the option to go home or get my revenge. Reason advised me to go with the latter option. However, the girl was furious and was unable to return to join the group. The group diminished in size, and then the following day, we were sucked into the abyss by zombies, and that was when the adventure ended…There are many scenarios similar to this, with a subsequent “butterfly effect” from Dead Age 2.

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The relationships between the factions and members of the group will determine the end of the game. Six ending options are utilized. But, it’ll take quite a while for the game to finish its credits because Dead Age 2 is not just a horror film and a brutal RPG for tactical play that includes the elements of Rogalik and the perpetual loss of characters.


The place of origin for players’ travels and a secure refuge will be a large base with a range of rooms.

In reality, one key element of the game is the pumping of belongings and the assignment of survivors to work. Some work in creating ammo or equipment, others defend the outpost against attacks and theft, while others work at the kitchen table… There’s plenty to be done, and you cannot complete them all in one go, So you have to assign your free hands properly.

Although the base is 3D, you can explore the inside of the areas and the grounds surrounding the base. For example, there’s a cemetery in the back of the base. Likewise, when a friend dies, it is a place where survivors gather to sing sad songs to say farewell.

The second aspect of gameplay is an exploration into the map’s global area in which the player can see several cities and deep fields, forests… Dead Age 2 has more than 80 realistic locations. In addition to the natural beauty, there are dark bunkers terrifying stores, hospital stores, and even schools. A limited amount of time is allowed to explore all over the world (with the hours of the day) you’ll need to return to your camp) The player is the one who decides the best way to share this valuable resource.

Naturally, you cannot simply walk through the region – at places where there are supplies and enemies, fights will happen, and unpredictable events can also occur when traveling, such as helping out survivors, which can come down to fighting. It’s a perfect moment to discuss another important aspect of Dead Age 2: tactical battles that revolve around turns.

The battles are group-based, with the player’s team (up to six members) located on their left and opponents (which may be hostile or zombies) to the left. In turn-based modes, players must use the powers and abilities that the hero has (and they may be melee or ranged) and consider the various aspects (amount of damage dealt, defense level, the chance to miss, and many more). In battle, players are overwhelmed with tons of information. In the beginning, this can be frustrating. Even after a few dozen battles, I’m not sure I’ve grasped all the details. However, the basic principles were comprehended.

The heroes come with their collection of abilities, specialties, and weapons. Like any RPG, statistics (health defense, damage, and much more) can be increased when you advance in level, and a character’s specialization determines the skill set you can use, like engineers can put turrets in their positions or throw the Molotov cocktail. Weapons are classified into long-range (pistols or shotguns, assault rifles) in close combat (slashing and striking). Animals also aid during combat. You won’t be able to believe that, yet you may even summon an animal.
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The opponents aren’t simple to defeat – there are zombies sporting a staggering amount of health, dangerous back-stabbing enemies, and even hikers. Human enemies can also cause problems since they are typically well-armed and well-equipped. There’s a bit of an imbalance there – you may be able to endure for a few weeks. However, a battle with an unjustly powerful opponent will negate the benefits. Accept the fact that zombies can throw the equivalent of a Molotov cocktail.

Dead Age 2 also has RPG elements. If the protagonist is killed, it will begin at the beginning of the game. However, you can purchase improvements and perks to make your journey more enjoyable.

The main figure dies.

I’m a big fan of this genre; however, this technique isn’t needed for this particular story, and every “run” is the same. They’ll keep us hooked to the same level that we go through over and over isn’t something you want to do because you’re curious about what’s to come next. In addition, the gameplay gets dull with time, offering only random events, and the gameplay mechanics will only add to the feeling of boredom.

Music, graphics

Dead Age 2 is done in 3D. However, players can view the action from a side perspective. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether the graphics look realistic. However, the gameplay leaves much to be desired overall, especially for those who are not experts. I’d like to highlight an additional issue – I experienced FPS drops on low, medium, high and low settings, which were noticeable. However, when I changed the scenes, the variation in lag wasn’t noticeable. The music in the background is excellent. However, there’s nothing to be surprised about here – it’s there, and that’s it.


For the first couple of moments, Dead Age 2 intrigued me and impressed me. After that, however, I began noticing numerous flaws, primarily the repetitive gameplay. It gets even quicker after the excessive loss of your main protagonist as a result of the unbalanced and unfairly matched enemies; you return to the beginning of the game, where the story, as well as the secondary missions, await you that you already completed just half an hour ago, and then again before you even get there.

However, the well-developed positive aspects, such as RPG elements, well-crafted characters settlement management, and intricate tactical combat strategies, shouldn’t be overlooked. So we’ve got a decent zombie apocalypse experience that will please those who love the theme. However, it doesn’t pull off anything else.

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