Dark Souls secrets and surprises

Dark Souls is a world full of secrets. Dark Souls holds many secrets. It’s possible that some of them you didn’t realize about. Let us help you fix it.

Dark Souls is an acknowledged masterpiece that left a lasting impression on the gaming industry. It has also inspired many Easter eggs that were later found in other games. Dark Souls is filled with hidden places, secrets, and mysteries, starting with the mysterious pendant that begins your adventure to the rather flimsy and unclear plot you’re requested to construct by yourself.

Today’s selection includes the secrets of many players who might not have thought of. This includes secret covenants, worlds, optional boss battles, as well as an entire lake that is hidden right beneath your feet. Here are the fascinating hidden locations within Dark Souls.


  • 1 Secret Merchant
  • 2 Olachil
  • 3 Developer’s Message
  • 4 . Servant 4 of Chaos
  • 5. Lake of Ash
  • 6 The world of the painted Ariamis
  • 7 Room , with five chests
  • Save If
  • 9. Covenant of Dark Spirits
  • 10. Gwindolin Dark Sun

Secret Merchant

The Shiva from the East is first seen in the vicinity of Alvina Castle. If you sign up to the Forest Hunters covenant, he and his bodyguards will travel to the Plague City swamp. City, from where he’ll begin selling products.

You can purchase highly efficient weapons through him, including his Katana and the Stone Great Sword. However, his most fascinating product can be found in the Ring of Oriental Wood, which reduces the wear and tear of the weapon when you use it. This is especially beneficial when you plan to purchase the gun from Shiva because it’s exceptionally durable.


Within the DLC Artorias of the Abyss and later in Dark Souls: Remastered, Olachil’s Dawn came to life as a princess who was imprisoned in the golem. To reach her, you have to defeat your Hydra within the Lake of Dark Roots and then walk into the cave that there was a cave where the Hydra existed before. A golem will show up, and if you destroy it, the princess. Free.

But this isn’t all. Visit the Duke’s Archives and obtain the Broken Pendant by killing the Crystal Golem. Once you have the pendant, return to Zara, and she’ll take you back into her home back to the time in which Olachil wasn’t yet disappeared completely. This is a vast area with four bosses and a variety of items that are a good match for the last stages of the game. Therefore, you must be prepared before heading there.

A message from the developer

In Olachil In Olachil, you will find an email from the creator. Go to the two-story structure in which the Sorcerer of Olachil uses the Sphere of Darkness magic. If you walk on the stone pillar utilizing the light source, an announcement coming from the designer will be displayed, and the illusionary wall will vanish, and behind it, there will be a room that comes with rewards.

If you’re wondering what the message is and what the remuneration is, you’ll have to get there yourself. The outcomes are worth the effort to get to this point…

Service of Chaos

Take out an optional Quilegue boss from Plague City, go back in her nest, smash the black wall, and then you’ll discover a hidden room. There you will find an egg-clad creature known as Engi, and she will invite you the opportunity to be a part of the Servants of Chaos covenant.

Engi is the one and only one to help you recover of the Parasitic Egg. You are also able to learn the extremely powerful Chaos Fireball and Chaos Storm from Engi. Make sure it is impossible to have a normal life after joining this group.

Lake of Ash

What about a completely hidden lake? When you reach the swamp in Plague City, you’ll discover a massive tree that has an illusion wall. It is behind it the entry point to the Cavity and in the middle of which lies The Lake of Ash.

In this area, you’ll have the option of fighting Hydra, the boss. Hydra (optional) and also joining the PvP-focused alliance Path of the Dragon by speaking directly to Dragon of the Bearing. Dragon from the Bearing. If you take off his tail, you’ll receive the Great Dragon Sword. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to mind this manipulation in any way.

The Painted World of Ariamis

The Painted Word is a remote area located in Anor Londo that is hidden behind a massive painting on the lower floor inside the chapel. To reach it, you’ll need an item called the Strange Doll with you, located in the room where you are woken up at the first moment of the game.

Ariamis is packed with dangers. However, you will discover the Painter’s Guardian set as well as the Yellowblood set and Velky’s black set. This makes it worth it. After your journey, you’ll meet an enemy boss named Priscilla The Half-Blood. which is a fight that isn’t mandatory. Priscilla does not appear to be hostile initially and will insist that you go home. Upon returning, you are free to follow her advice and go on your way or go for it. If you decide to fight, you’ll be awarded a second essential item, her Dagger, If you prevail.

The room has five chests

There’s another hidden spot within Anor Londo where you can discover real treasure. If you aren’t stuck in the traps that guard it, you’ll be able to find some great treasure. Near the central fire, there’s a room with several chests as well as a fireplace that’s not lit. The wall that houses the fireplace appears to be fake, and it’s behind it the passageway leading to another room in which there are five chests filled with loot. Beware that The chest is actually an imitation.

The chests hold important and interesting things, such as Havel’s heavy but incredibly balanced balance and protection armor set and a powerful hammer known as Dragon’s Tooth, and Havel’s Great Shield.

Save If

The secret location is located found in the Gorge of the Abyss, included in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC (also available in the Remaster). The first fork is at the bottom, take the right turn, and if you’re carrying any lighting source, you will see the ground melt in the air, and you’ll tumble down. After landing in the middle, following a considerable cat called Alvina up to an illusion-like wall, light the illusion and remove the illusion.

Beyond the wall, there is a room in which you will find a young Sif. The Great Wolf sleeps in a magical seal. The moment you release him, you will receive The Great Shield of Redemption, and when it’s time to face Sif as the boss, your second encounter with him will be completely different.

Dark Spirit Covenant

It is a PvP-oriented covenant hidden in a secret place. To access it, you must have to obtain the Ring of Artorias, which you can obtain after beating Sif, also known as the Great Grey Wolf, thus opening the way to the Abyss. In the Abyss, fight The Four Kings and then talk to Kaas, who will invite you to join the covenant.

For items that are unique to the covenant, You can put with the Black Hand in your right hand and then suck the humanity out of your enemies and other characters. Or, you can put the Black Hand with your left hand, you can build a powerful anti-magic shield that shines in the darkness that lies in the Abyss.

Gwindolyn Dark Sun

The most intriguing hidden location within the game, it offers the possibility of a fresh perspective on previously the events that are well-known too. In Anor Londo, there’s a secret duel, with an alternative boss, which can be accessed via two different methods: either by wearing the Dark Moon Ring, following which the wall that houses the Gwyn statue behind the flame within the Dark Moon crypt will vanish and the path to the staircase will be opened either by attacking Guinevere that turns out to be a ruse as the sun appears to fade from Anor Londo.

The other option could lead you into Gwindolin The Dark Sun, the bastard child of Lord Gwyn and the head of the Dark Moon Blades Covenant. Many people are of the opinion that Gwindolin’s parents could represent the Naga Sith and that Gwindolyn may have something to have to do with his involvement in the Presence of the Moon from Bloodborne. Whatever the case, the battle will be challenging and will make you question everything you know about the story of the Dark Souls world.

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