Dark Souls 3 secrets and surprises

There are several details within Dark Souls 3, and things aren’t obvious if you don’t search for these things specifically. If you’re planning to tour local landmarks or need to learn more about this dystopian universe, it is definitely worth our collection.

The Dark Souls games have several secrets to keep. A lot of the game’s story is only accessible through fragments of descriptions of items such as spells, weapons, and boss souls, and the same is true for the game’s mechanics. Even despite being aware of the fact that Dark Souls 3 is still well-known and the world of games is full of adventure at times, it is revealed that new information has been discovered, which the game has kept from us all along and is waiting for the most avid and curious gamers.

It’s doubtful that we’ll be able to unravel every mystery of FromSoftware. FromSoftware games, particularly given that it’s only been released recently for The Demon’s Souls remake, which has its secret. However, that’s no reason not to look for these games. In the meantime, we’ll give you some of the mysteries in Dark Souls 3, if not all, then indeed the most fascinating of them.


  • 1 The Supreme Lord Volnir was a Pyromancer
  • 2 Demons die out
  • 3 The crow-like speck in the ceiling of the Temple of Fire has a name.
  • 4 Gilligan How did you go to
  • 5. God Eater And Beyond
  • 6 Dung can defeat bosses
  • 7 How to make a mime
  • 8 Judge Gundir was required to light the fire
  • 9 Knights of Crystal Spells 9 Knights of Crystal Spells Twins
  • 10 How do you open the hardcore mode?

The Lord of the Highest Volnir was a pyromancer.

With what appears to be a massive skull, this boss doesn’t use much magic during battle. Instead, he’ll strike the opponent by hand, chop using his beast-eaten sword or summon the aid of servant Skeletons. One of the closest things to pyromancy can be the mist he releases out of his body. There are two instances where Volnir’s link to fire magic becomes apparent.

First, the soul of Volnir can be replaced by the Pyromancy spell Black Serpent, whose description claims that he’s the one who first discovered the pyromancy that exists in the Abyss. There is also an unidentified corpse inside the boss arena with the Grave Keeper’s Book of Pyromancy, which suggests that Volnir practiced the art of controlling fire before falling to the Abyss.

Demons are dying

The demons created through The Flames of Chaos had plenty of problems without having the Chosen Undead kill them for souls. Following the demise of the Chaos Lodge, new demons did not appear, and those with no Flame were likely to disappear slowly. When you reach the Demon Ruins, one can see their bodies, particularly in the area that is the home of The Old Demon King.

The demons left behind powerful weapons forged out of their souls that were burning. A description of how the demon race fell into decay is often found in the descriptions of these weapons.

The raven invisibly on the roof of the Temple of Fire has a known name.

While this creature can use the exact words and doesn’t have a physical form, it’s classified as a distinct character. The raven is the one who lives above the Temple of Fire and trades with the player.

It’s been discovered that she’s got her name called Crow Snuggly. The other games of the franchise include crows from merchants, as well as with their names. However, you only see them from the credit credits. This particular one is referred to with “Chick,” but the official game manual says Chick’s name is Crow Snuggly. The reasons behind this difference aren’t disclosed.

Gilligan How did you get your name?

Dark Souls 3 has plenty of dialogue and references to characters from different games. Some even offer practical uses. However, the majority of them are pure black humor. In the vicinity of the flames inside the Tainted Capital, there’s the body of the wealthy merchant Gilligan who during Dark Souls 2 sold the ladders to the player to find the proper locations in the game.

As you can see, things haven’t been good for him since the last time he met him. As his body lies near the flame, you could make his “Sprawl” gesture. It mirrors Gilligan’s dead position by having you lay on the ground with your arms and legs spread out. The funny thing is that, for some reason, there are a variety of ladders all around it.

God Eater And Beyond

Eldrick The God Eater didn’t earn his name for anything. However, the victims of his hunger were not just other animals. When fighting, Aldric will sometimes attack with a white scythe summoned with his staff. It’s an attack with the Scythe from the Hunt for Life, a magical item available as a reward for his soul following winning.

It’s interesting to note that Priscilla Half-Blood also employed the same weapon during the initial Dark Souls, which means it is possible that Aldric reached her first and then resorted to her power to take on Gwindolyn Dark Sun. But it’s important to note that the Scythe is merely a wonder and not a weapon, which could indicate that it couldn’t devour, but Aldric just tried to replicate what he witnessed in the dream mentioned in the spell’s description.

Dung can defeat bosses

The challenge of fighting any boss facing any boss Dark Souls is no easy test, at least according to the game’s developers their concept. However, there are other ways against the scrap. Throughout the game, players have found weaknesses in bosses and ways to make the most of them, transforming the epic fight into a a naive process.

One way to do this is to poison your boss by throwing objects. One of the most cynical options is probably Dung Pie, a barely tasty substance that, upon hit, it poisons both the target and throwing a party with poisons. There are, fortunately, things available to the player to counteract this impact. However, certain bosses aren’t. This technique is especially beneficial in the face of Old Demon King, Father Arundel, Crystal Spellcaster, and Gael the Slave Knight. This is a dirty tactic, certainly.

How to steal a mimic

How to steal a copy’s property, which is often very valuable, is not a simple task. Their speed, agility, and unpredictable nature can make them dangerous adversaries capable of giving plenty of trouble for the most experienced players. But, there’s an option to take out an enemy without killing it or even provoking it.

The Undead Hunter Talisman towards the mimic can make it fall asleep and show its chest. All you need to do is go across and grab whatever you want – the parrot will lie down until you take it out, and there’s no need to rush. It’s one method to obtain the Symbol of Greed, a helmet that resembles the head of a mock, which allows you to gain more souls and loot.

Judge Gundir should have lit the Fire.

Judas Gundir is the first boss to be encountered. Judas Gundir is the first enemy encountered in the game. It’s pretty simple, particularly compared to the other version, which is said to be defeated in the latter phases during the gameplay. Based on the descriptions of the items, we can conclude that Gunder was once aspired to light flames to ignite the Flame and bring the light back to the world; however, it was too late and was destined to wait until someone could do it to test his power.

In the long wait, Gunder has been influenced by the Abyss, and it’s when he is in that state the gamer comes across him. In an alternate universe, Gundir would play the main character traveling through Lothric to eliminate those Lords of Ashes who refused to fulfill their destiny.

crystal Charms are twins

The bosses of The Way of the Sacrifice and the Great Archive locations have distinct spells and wear the same outfits, but they are connected through more than these similarities. They both were fans of Logan Big Hat from the first game. They are even twins due to how similar they appear. A description for the Connoisseur’s Hat supports this speculation.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the apprentices of the good wizard to be enticed into the path of evil. However, the insanity due to the misuse of crystal spheres may be the reason. The explanation in the Crystal Wizard’s Staff states that the orbs can absorb the wishes of those who wear them, and if you play Wizards whisperings backward, you’ll hear, “Set theme free.”

How do I open the hardcore mode?

The Dark Souls series is indeed synonymous with “hardcore” for many reasons, and with good reason – the game doesn’t accept mistakes and is usually impervious. Some players aren’t satisfied with this and are looking for a more challenging test.

The good news is that Dark Souls 3 has a fantastic method for them to live their life more difficult The Disaster Ring, which reduces damage absorption by 100% when worn. This means that you will suffer twice as much damage that can be incurred from all sources as well as combining the ring and other items which have the same effect, it is possible to create the toughest hardcore where one strike from the weakest opponent will suffice to get you to the Respawn. It is possible, however, that the real purpose behind the ring doesn’t lie in the above and instead serves as an ode to the dragon in the first chapter.

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