Dandy Ace Review – Just sleight of hand and nothing more Review

As a lover of roguelikes, I continue to be amazed by developers’ inventiveness when working on these kinds of games. In Hades, For instance, we played as the god of the underworld named Hades. In The Binding of Isaac, we learned a story about a boy with biblical themes, and In Going Under, we visited the part of an intern for a giant corporation that can clear levels and return to the beginning when there is a problem. Dandy Ace also takes us to the point of conception where we are the role of a magician who anticipates facing trouble.

  • creator: Mad Mimic
  • Publisher: NEOWIZ
  • Date of release: March 25, 2021

Before I go, I’ll say I think Dandy Ace is a great game within its genre that its players should note. In the reviews, people frequently cite Hades as a reference, and the similarities are seen. As a rule, relax and read about a handsome hero who fell through the glass.

The story centers around magician Lele, known as”the “Green-Eyed Illusionist.” Everything was going well as his career was advancing upwards, and his followers were growing… until an adorable and young Dandy Ace showed up on the scene and quickly put the spotlight away from himself, leaving Lele without a single thing. The man, afflicted by jealousy and anger, decides to turn to “dark magic,” an optical mirror, which is a mysterious artifact. He locks his opponent inside a look-glass, and the victim must undergo a series of tests to return to the world.

I love that the writers have taken on the plot and overall story with a sense. Thus, the Green-Eyed Illusionist’s story is good, but the Dandy we portray is simply a victim of his fame.

The adventure will also meet additional characters, like The magician’s sisters, who serve as the main character’s assistants and are entrapped together with the protagonist. The monologues and dialogue are well-crafted and include plenty of humor in their dialogue, and Lele occasionally chuckles throughout his story regardless of our wins or defeats.

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The gameplay of Dandy Ace can be called “classic” for a Roguelike. You must finish each stage while becoming pumped at the conclusion in the “stage” to face the boss. A single mistake can result in the loss of health, and then death will return at the very beginning.

The weapons of Dandy Ace are gambling cards (and aren’t KPIs) that can be deadly to our magician. They explode, cause fire, stun enemies, and do other terrible things. Apart from attacking “projectiles,” they also have defensive ones that will instantly increase the hero’s movement by the distance of a certain distance and dramatically improve his mobility. There are 50 maps available in the game. Most of them are not locked as you advance in the game.

It’s even more fascinating that the benefits of pairing cards can be combined even if they’re not identical. One is the main card, while the other turns into an auxiliary card with a bonus. When you smartly combine them, you could end up with an explosive weapon. A deadly explosive that can cause harm? Easy! Bubble blowing? Yes, please! There are no boundaries to crossbreeding, something I was amazed at by the results of Dandy Ace.

I’d like to highlight that the effects associated with using “weapons” are excellent, and, as a result, the battlefield is always in full color. Another advantage is the number of cards used which makes the game quick and lively. For instance, Dandy can teleport almost every second and unleash a torrent of cards, much like the machine gun.

In the wake of this, the player may think it’s a card-switching ninja for which Looking Glass has become a training field. However, it is possible to be a challenger – enemies suffer unfairly, and there’s no guarantee of invulnerability following one blow (that is, you could take several hits at once and live) as well. The variety of enemies is impressive. It’s remarkable, and the type of them is unique – some are close to the player, others are at long range, Some are “towers in Sauron,” and the last is teleported and don’t allow for escape.
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The bosses were also excellent (albeit unjustly challenging), and each had its own unique stories and chips. If you think the initial leader is weak and whiny, the leader immediately throws dangerous puddles throughout the arena and leaves the game without a chance to live. Ultimately, this game is bound to satisfy the most avid gamers.

In the final part, I’d like to provide you with The palace’s interesting map. The map is shown at the beginning of the page and allows you to determine your route. You will notice that the map is split into several areas, and the layout of the world of Dandy Ace is a copy of Dead Cells. In other words, you will often be on forks leading to various places with their beasts. But, unlike Dead Cells, which offers simple and less complicated routes where the hardcore is waiting, the monsters await you everywhere.

The settings are beautiful, and even though enemies can be found within every area, you don’t need to clean it up. Nobody is blocking you from leaving this way, but you’ll not have the resources to increase your performance and allow later playthroughs to be more enjoyable.

I didn’t anticipate much out of the Dandy Ace RPGbut enjoyed it. It’s got plenty of good things to say, and I’d consider the overstated difficulty due to the controversial elements – and for instance, even on the “Normal” level “Normal” level, I barely got through the initial boss. This feature will be received with open arms by fans of roguelikes. We strongly recommend playing with those who aren’t acquainted with the genre.

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