Cyberpunk 2077 world map guide

What is the size of the map in the open world Action game Cyberpunk 2077? What is the size of Knight City, and are players going further than the city?

The company behind CD Projekt RED is known for creating stunning detailed and rich game environments, and the eagerly awaited Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception. There have been numerous rumors suggesting that the game’s map will be smaller than The Witcher 3, which has many players interested in the size of Knight City.

If you’re not aware, Knight City makes up most of the map in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a futuristic town with various architectural styles that comprises various high-rises, Industrial districts, skyscrapers, and so more.

Knight City is where you can find all kinds of criminal gangs, from violent criminals to everyday citizens who are just trying to earn a living and the numerous corporations with huge profits who have taken full control over the city.

If we’re discussing the dimension of the world map featured in Cyberpunk 2077, The Badlands can also be worth a look since these are seven districts of Knight City, which is the vast plains to the west of the city.

Knight City is divided into six districts, each having its theme and features and aesthetics.

  • Center City is the center of Knight City, with tall towers, clean streets, corporate and luxury streetsy. These, even though they control the whole city, are extremely insatiable and constantly seeking ever more power. It is the most secure area in the city.
  • Westbrook is where the majority of the wealthy elite reside. It’s also where players could go to enjoy themselves, as long as they could afford it.
  • Haywood-skyscrapers that are located to the north and slums in the south create an enticing contrast that serves as evident proof of the fact that Knight City is, despite its splendor and glamour, isn’t the most idyllic place on the earth. The area is famous due to the variety of legal and illegal groups who operate their gangs in the area.
  • Watson was considered a pretty attractive neighborhood due to its abundance of that you could want: nightclubs, skyscrapers and much more. However, the recession has resulted in overcrowding and an increase in criminality.
  • Pacifica is intended to be an upscale resort but it was empty when the money ran out. Today, gangs are operating in the area instead of being an ideal getaway.
  • Santo Domingo is the industrial district in Knight City. It’s not as appealing to the eye, however it is essential to the city because it offers electricity and employment.
  • Santo Domingo is the industrial district in Knight City.

The maps’ exact size is difficult to establish; however, it appears to be smaller than the third part of The Witcher. If it will, it’s important to remember it is Knight City is in many ways different from the place where Geralt of Rivia rode.

Yes, there is a reason that the Badlands have flat terrains and vast expanses of open space, much as Velen In The Witcher, but Knight City has a distinct style of living. As a result, it seems like you’ll need to spend more time within the buildings, looking around the interiors that are detailed. There are also numerous NPCs and side quests within the city, leading the player to the most remote places and corners that aren’t likely to be seen immediately.

In Cyberpunk 2077, designers of CD Projekt Red use the physical world differently and Knight City should not be compared to previous projects. Furthermore, vehicles are now included in the game, due to which the scale of the map isn’t an issue. Therefore, it’s reasonable to utilize faster modes of transport implies that the city’s six districts can be connected with the right amount of roads.

Another thing to note is the evolution of several vehicles, indicating that driving is an integral element of gaming.

Check out the gameplay videos that have been published. However, given the ability of this particular developer to design stunning open-worlds that you can explore for hours, we’re hoping Knight City is going to become a great game to play.

That, in the end, is what is most important. While The Witcher 3’s world The Witcher 3 was, certain elements were unnecessary, that is often the case in open-world games. If this means that you can create more high-quality filler content or a less detailed map, it is worth the cost.

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