Cyberpunk 2077 Where to Find the Legendary Mantis Blades

The Mantis Blades are one of the most famous weapons from Cyberpunk 2077. This is the weapon we first encountered in the game’s first teaser trailer. It’s possible to equip yourself with them; however, they’re costly. Notably the best models. If you’re planning to focus on melee combat, you’ll require Mantis Blades as fast as you can. We’ve found an excellent location where you can locate Legendary Mantis Blades free.

In addition, the Mantis Blades are superior to the Blades you purchase from a pumped up Reaper. There is no need for high quality or any requirement. You don’t even require an image. They are in the middle of the second act. You can start armed right away. Here’s where they’re located.

Where can I find the blades?

In the second stage in the second act, you have access to the whole map. You must go to the City Center, Corporations Square, and head to the northwest corner to obtain an item called “Cyberpsychosis Invasion: Ghost of Knight City” upon the request to the fixing agent.

When you first start the game, fighting cyberpsychosis can be very challenging; however, you don’t need to fight it. In the alley, search for the loot box on the right. It’s identified with an exclamation point and should be obvious to find. Get the Mantis Blades, and go out.

Attention Attention: Also inside this container is a mod to an online version of Sandevistan: Tiger Paw that restores 15 percent stamina after defeating an opponent.

To get a no-cost installation of the Mantis Blades, visit Reaperdoc for a free installation. Now , you can be the woman with the blades in the first trailer! Absolutely no expense, or even a name needed. They’re superior to everything you buy from Ripers.

Legendary Mantis Blades

  • 119-146 damage units
  • +104-127 Physical Damage
  • 2 Attack Speed
  • +20% chance of bleeding

Mantis Blades are an effective melee weapon that can replace your fists. You can change between fists and Mantis Blades through your weapon selector wheel.

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