Cyberpunk 2077: Welcome to Night City

In 2012, it was announced 2012 by CD Projekt RED, which was making The Witcher 3; Cyberpunk 2077 saw the first light eight years later, in December 2020. It was supposed to get it in the earlier part of the year, starting in April; however, it was delayed to September before moving it to November. The Polish studio had hoped to wait it multiple times to be ready for launch, which wasn’t the case, considering that the game afflicts numerous bugs of every kind.

After you have taken the time to study Night City and its open-world with a greater depth that allows us to enjoy great liberties in the futuristic, urban setting and, oh so risky, We present our review to highlight its strengths and weaknesses, without any spoilers. The aim is to motivate you, not reveal the experience that will make you feel uninspired.

This is the story Cyberpunk 2077

You must be aware that in Cyberpunk 2077, we are an individual named V that you can modify to suit your needs. V is a member of Night City, a futuristic city where corporations are the dominant force and technologies are omnipresent in all areas. In a short time, you’ll be enticed into a dangerous robbery that marks the beginning of the tale. To protect yourself, it is necessary to implant a relic that is a chip that holds your structure (the Soul) that is Johnny Silverhand. This is the initial point of the entire story that the game tells, as you’ll be trying to “get rid” of Johnny Silverhand, the rock star who was once yours, as the longer time goes by, the more the construct will kill you.

The ability to customize from A to Z

CD Projekt promised us extensive personalization, and they didn’t promise anything but the truth. When you launch the game, players will have to design your character. You’ll have the option of choosing the majority of things. From gender to eyes, hair, and skin, to nipples and even nails, you’ll be able to create the character you’d like to. But, the customization process isn’t finished, as when you play, you’ll also have the option of choosing V’s clothes and accessories, which is crucial and the opportunity to incorporate various implants using the charcudocs or doctors from Night City. For the cost of a few dollars, you’ll be able to improve the abilities of your character to match the way you play, and that’s a beneficial aspect.

But that’s not all. Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG and an RPG; you’ll be given skill points to increase the effectiveness of various axes. The impact on gameplay isn’t small and is evident, particularly if you like particular things, like hacking.

The game and the promise of CD Project

After the basic concepts are established, let’s get to the meat of the matter. CD Projekt had promised us numerous things to look forward to in Cyberpunk 2077. The list could include the NPCs and the system of choices, consequences, and the liability that could be a factor, or a myriad of other things that were promised the studio was thinking of the long term. Too much, perhaps.

A little enticing passive

Before starting the story, you’ll have to pick among three “families” to make yourself liable, including Corpos, Street Kids, and Nomads. Sadly, despite the concept being tremendous and can be intriguing in the game, CD Project did not take the time to implement. The introduction to the game differs based on the path chosen. However, it is not long before the three components come together. The passive, however, only gives us around twenty minutes of a difference. The remainder of the game is not as powerful. You only have the option of it in certain dialogues to obtain information or go to specific locations. If it is something that you can appreciate and use, we’ll be disappointed that CD Projekt RED did not expand on his concept, especially in the introduction.

Astonishing NPCs

Also, there was plenty of potential in the NPCs, and we hoped to see an exciting Night City where things never repeat themselves and with a variety of NPCs that are evolving. If the city is alive, where the enjoyment to wander around is real, then you’ll quickly be faced with a state of being overwhelmed by repetition.

It doesn’t matter if it’s their dialog, appearance, or even their clothes. The studio hasn’t brought many new NPCs. We noticed during our first trip through night city streets Night City was that we encountered the same NPCs who frequently showed the same reaction whenever we attempted to talk to them. Their response when we speed through their vehicles or shoot them is far from authentic. They might even remain in a trance for several minutes following shooting rather than fleeing.

The NGPs of the allied NGPs who accompany us during specific missions aren’t free of criticism. It’s almost the exact that we create. In addition to the stale phrases they may throw at us or their gestures that aren’t suitable for the situation or can even cause obstacles to our path, they are typically more burdensome rather than an all-around friend. For instance, in combat, it’s not unusual to see them wandering about, not helping us defeat adversaries, which can be pretty annoying in stressful situations.

It is important to remember it is that bonds we form with certain NPCs who are allies are one of the main strengths of the game’s immersive. We’ll come back to this topic later.

Average AI

To conclude this section, we will mention artificial intelligence typically present in the strawberry. In between those who work for the NCPD (the Police), it is tough to get rid of as well as the problems relating to the NPCs previously mentioned or a complete malfunction of the AI in missions (enemies occasionally spot you from any perspective) it’s difficult to identify positive points in this area. We’ve been through many more issues. CD Projekt offers here a standard AI. However, it could have been more refined to satisfy the high standards.

A few positive gunfights and combat

After exposing several flaws, it’s now time to focus on the good aspects of Cyberpunk 2077. Although the battles appear to be difficult at first as there isn’t a vast number of weapons, after a short period of playing, with skills points are distributed, and more powerful weapons are purchased, they will be much more enjoyable. Most importantly, you’ll be able to fight using a variety of strategies, including you choose to go for stealth or rushing into the fights (the first option, however, is recommended to completely experience playing). A weapon that has silencers will also encourage you to be more stealthy, and hand-to-hand combat with katanas can be the most exciting.

In the course of your game, there are numerous battles to win, and enemies are often more formidable than you by a factor of twenty-one. But, CD Projekt has done everything possible to reduce the repeatability of these battles, particularly with various environments; even through the side missions, there is a sense of repetition. The more you progress in Cyberpunk 2077, the more sure you’re upgrading your weapons, which isn’t always the case in all games. The game encourages players to hack to remain unnoticed, and we’re quickly absorbed within the game.

Furthermore, the arsenal of weapons is large and is designed for every type of player and for any scenario. We are quickly able to want to purchase top-quality weapons, or enhance the ones we already possess. CD Projekt signs here a perfect, which is sure to please all gamers.

Soporific driving

The driving experience in Cyberpunk 2077 may have more efficient. Certain vehicles, significantly the most advanced, will be very relaxing to drive through Night City and its surroundings and allow you to take in the stunning scenery. However, other vehicles will be challenging to navigate. The first vehicle of V. Motorcycles, on the other hand, is a true pleasure, particularly in the badlands, where you can enjoy stunning images.

Furthermore the radio stations that are integrated into vehicles permit the driver to listen to a relaxing and highly effective soundtrack . A real plus during long car rides.

A riveting story from start to end.

It is sometimes difficult to think of an exciting storyline that will keep players on the edge of their seats from the start until the conclusion of the action. CD Projekt has achieved this overall with the main storyline that is Cyberpunk 2077. The relationships that are maintained with certain characters, as well as the possibility of slaying or not letting others betray them, allows for a complete immersion into the nature that is V. The game’s system of choices and consequences is exceptionally well-executed and, in some instances force us to make choices which have been meticulously planned. Contrary to some games, the players are entirely enthralled by the plot, which may be an excellent excuse to run more lengthy. Furthermore, you can enjoy beginning a new game by making other alternatives to have a different story. It is important to note that there are a variety of endings to choose from that you can unlock based on the actions you have taken before and offer great replayability.

The connection we share in the story with Johnny Silverhand is one of the best parts. The final part of the story is extremely moving based on what choices are made. The fact that Keanu Reeves plays the rocker role is an obvious advantage in the final rendition. His presence is oftentimes, with an element of comedy or trying to persuade you or not perform certain things. He is a true all-rounder in your quest.

Potential that is not fully explored

To conclude our experience playing Cyberpunk 2077, which can cause a range of emotions while playing the game, we could possibly be discussing frustration. Since the end result is generally satisfactory, and this is despite the numerous bugs and the lack of efficiency. We believe that the developers had to wait longer to refine certain aspects in order to ensure a flawless experience. This open environment is well-managed, with gorgeous zones that stand out. Night City would have deserved to be more open, particularly when it comes to the verticality.

The RPG element is, in its own way, is pretty good, as it can be played by novices and more experienced players, but it will never be a hindrance to the development of the game; in fact, contrary. It is clear the need to spend the time needed to design equipment that will allow it to be competitive against its adversaries without being a limitation. The game is, despite the glitches, to be a huge success, even the fact that CD Projekt could have taken more risks in certain areas like gunfights and driving; however, they are enjoyable. The NPCs and AI could possibly ruin the experience, as they’re below the other games.

In the end, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the games that are worthy of being enjoyed by all open-world players. The positive aspects will make you forget about the negatives. However, the multitude of bugs will quickly bring you back to the fact of the fact Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t (yet) completely flawless. It will certainly become THE benchmark for the genre, as long as the developers can fix the issues and release relevant content in 2021, just as they have promised us.

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