Cyberpunk 2077 secrets and surprises

It’s not unintentional, but there are many passages scattered across Knight City in Cyberpunk 2077. A few of them are obvious references, like the Batmobile; however, there are also less obvious jokes and clues that are likely to elude the notice of the majority of gamers.

We’ve put together the most crucial Cyberpunk 2077 mysteries and the most exciting surprises in this list. Many little things like mission names, poses to use in the photo mode, and graffiti on walls were deliberately excluded because there are way too many.


  • 1. Akira as well as Ghost in Armor
  • 2 Batman
  • 3 Blade Runner
  • 4. All the Riddles
  • 5 CD Projekt Red development team
  • 6 CohhCarnage
  • 7 Death Stranding
  • 8 Destroyer
  • 9 Die Hard Die Hard and Dirty Harry
  • Ten Dorks from Hazzard
  • 11 Fallout
  • 12. Grand Theft Auto
  • 13 Hidan no Aria
  • 14. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • 15 Jesse Cox
  • 16 Alana Pierce
  • 17 John Wick
  • 18 Jovem Nerd
  • 19 Mad Max: Fury Road
  • 20 The Matrix
  • 21 Mike Pondsmith
  • 22 Mortal Kombat
  • 23 The Office
  • Portal
  • 25 Rihanna
  • 26 A Stone to be Romancing
  • 27 The Shining
  • 28 Terminator 2. Judgment Day
  • 29 Tori Amos
  • 30 The Witcher 3

Akira along with The Ghost in the Armor

Kusanagi CT-3X

Setaro Kaneda’s legendary bike that was built by Akira is also featured in Cyberpunk 2077 and is called Kusanagi CT-3X. It is located in the north of Japantown in the city of Wakado with a price of 22,000 euros. The bike’s name is also a reference in this case, to Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Armor,



There’s a tunnel to the north of fast travel at the Sunset Motel in the Badlands. If you go through it until you’ve reached the halfway mark, there is a shipping container containing the Batmobile, which is added to your car’s collection. On the table will be a USB flash drive with a ton of Batman references, even though the Batman character is named “Gloom.”

Blade Runner

“I’ve witnessed things that you wouldn’t even think of.”

A single recognizable scene in Blade Runner, the classic cyberpunk film if you’ve never seen it, is Roy Batty’s “Tears in the Rain” monologue. During it, the actor holds a white dove. The film has an ode to this sequence on the top of the Hotel Advocate in Vista Del Rey. You can climb to the highest point, and you’ll see an individual similar to Roy and holding the bird in his arms.

“Let me speak to you about my mom”

A different Blade Runner reference can be found within one of the numerous Cyberpunk twenty-77 finales.

Warning: there will be spoilers to come and if you’re still not finished with the game, go across this page.

In the final stages of Arasaki when you are taking an array of tests, one is known as the Voight-Kampf test. It was designed to test in the Blade Runner universe. The goal of this test is to separate human beings from replicants and androids that look similar to humans with regards to appearance.

All the Way

Heisenberg Principle

On the West side of Watson, Regina will give you the assignment of the Heisenberg Principle. Apart from the obvious reference to the name, The purpose of this assignment will be to eliminate a fake drug laboratory dubbed “Glitter.” Be careful not to get near the machine as you blow it up.

CD Projekt Red development team

There’s a hidden room with a television dedicated to the CD Projekt Red development team members located in Kabuki. Kabuki district. Go to the northeast, descend the steps to the left of a neon “hotel” sign, and you will locate the locked door at the corner.

To open it, you’ll need the code. It’s located within the text of CD Projekt Red, which is found within every copy of the game. If you’re not able to check, the number is 605185. Sit inside on the sofa with Johnny, and he’ll grab his guitar and play a few chords, then switch on the TV and look at the photos of all the players on the game’s huge screen.


Prophet Harry

Just to the right of Misty’s store for esoterics and Victor’s clinic is the prophet Harry yelling his suppositions and predictions.

The man is actually CohhCarnage is a well-known Twitch streamer who plays a variety of kinds of games through his channel and is among the most well-known creators of content through the channel. The character that appears in the game obviously, is far from the actual character of the model — an extremely sensible person.

Death Stranding

BB Pod and Hideo Kojima

The most well-known Easter eggs found in Cyberpunk 2077 comes from Hideo Kojima’s appearance in the game. We’ve got an additional guide on where to find it within the game. Also, we have a guide to the Little BB’s alias that is in another section in the game.


Three seashells

There’s a bathroom in the apartment of V. Instead of toilet paper; the bathroom has three shells right next to the toilet. Most people don’t even know them, particularly the young ones; however, anyone who’s seen the film “Destroyer” featuring Sylvester Stallone will appreciate this connection.

They also made use of shells in place from toilet papers, however nobody is sure how they function.

Roughnuts along with Dirty Harry

Joan McClain and Henry Callahan

For the “Boy and A Gun” mission, along with Reaver Ward, you’ll be able to play virtual reality with Monica as well as Dorian, Joss’ children. By wearing headsets, they change in Joan McClane and Henry Callahan as well as in reference of John McClane (“Die Hard”) and Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry).

“The Jerks from Hazzard

“General Lee”

“General Lee” vehicle “General Lee” vehicle has been a constant source of inspiration for everyone “Jerks of Hazzard” fanatics. Did you know that you can purchase a car yourself in Cyberpunk 2077?

The ride is located in Rancho Coronado, you can purchase in Rancho Coronado, the Quadra Type-66 “Jen Rowley” (in the original “Jen Rowley” which is in consonance with “General Lee”) at 58,000 Euros. It’s not equipped with the iconic signal but it’s similar to the classic model.


The Rolemen of Sanctuary 101

In the Badlands, situated about 650m away from the frontier and just 750m southwest from the “Local Airport” quick travel point, several corpses are on a large disk marked “101”.

If you take a look at the transcript of the conversation between Albert Cole and Harry Epps and Harry Epps, you’ll learn that they’re role-players who play an apocalyptic post-apocalyptic role-play their scenario is that they were able to leave the secure perimeter of bunker 101, for the first time in the history of the nuclear war.

Grand Theft Auto

Grove Street

The reference is insignificant, but there’s one street in Rancho Coronado that very much likes Grove Street. There’s a cul-de-sac close to the fast track area near Jerez and Almunecar. Almunecar and Jerez and are filled with bullies. You could even say it is more similar to Grove Street from GTA V than the original.

“Follow the train that’s fucking you, CJ!”

There’s a railroad close to the Trailer Park rapid transit point in Badlands. As you approach the tunnel, you’ll find two dead bodies as well as a damaged motorcycle. You can pick up the memory stick from one to record an exchange among “JC” and “Little Smoak” about how they attempted to keep up to the train. All they needed to do was follow the train that was fucking up, JC!

Then JC can also be the title of the protagonist in Deus Ex, one of the most popular cyberpunk games. Although it’s likely an accident.

Hidan no Aria

Aria, by H. Kanzaki

The game is a subtle reference to anime enthusiasts – one of the roads within Japantown is named in honor of Aria H. Kanzaki, the main character of the animated series Hidan no Aria, one of Sherlock Holmes’ descendants (X is a reference to “Holmes”). In Russian, the title of the show is “Aria The Scarlet Bullet,” and the heroine’s name is also known in the form of Sherlock Holmes IV.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The man in the fridge

Everyone is familiar with the scene in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” in which Indiana escapes a nuclear blast by staying in the fridge. There were a number of instances of it in the past decade – including the iconic one from Fallout New Vegas – and Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t the only one neither.

Take a trip to the Badlands along the north side of the quick traveling point “Medeski’s Gas Station,” and right in front of the intersection is the cooler, which has a body inside, complete with the cowboy hat close to it. The corpse also has the note that makes reference to “Mythbusters” episode where they went through this scene.

Jessie Cox

Dude who smokes a dude

A different celebrity guest appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 comes from Jesse Cox, a Twitch and YouTube streamer who has nearly one million followers. He typically plays horror movies, and the character he plays in Cyberpunk 2077 is terrifying.

He is in the mission “Guarantee of Pleasure,” and needs to be transported to the reeperdoc as his penis-related cybernetic modification is on the fire. Similar to Jesse.

Alana Pierce

Lana Prince in mission “Bumpy Road”

Alana, who was an Australian game journalist and currently Sony Santa Monica screenwriter, also makes an appearance in the game as a guest. The news was revealed by her Twitter account from Alana herself, however without any specifics.

Find out who Pierce did not just look at but also a voice. You are able to do this in”Bumpy Road,” a mission “Bumpy Road” that is available after choosing the source “Nomad.” In the mission, V learns the whereabouts of her vehicle from the prologue. After checking out the car, Lana shows up and is convinced that it’s hers. You may leave the car to her, take it back or convince her that you own it.

John Wick

A small misunderstanding

When you go on the Olive Branch quest, you have to meet the man who is known as Sergei. In the interview, the man will talk to you about the murderer that appeared “normal with a beard and black shoes …” as well as being walking with the dog.

This is exactly how Keanu Reeves (in case you’re unaware, he’s Johnny Silverhand) looks like in the John Wick movie series. Additionally, Sergei says he didn’t look scary, in reference to his presence onstage during E3 2019.

Jovem Nerd

Ozob Bozo

A subtle hint of Cyberpunk 2077’s cyberpunk includes Ozob Bozo, inspired by an actor from The Brazilian video game Jovem Nerd. He resembles clowns with the look of a grenade rather than an actual nose. In Blood and Bone’s Blood and Bone quest lineup you’ll need to battle with him hand-to hand combat.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Battled Battle Fury

For some reason, bodies might disappear when you return to the spot. However, don’t believe us. You will find dead corpses in this passchalk that closely resemble Immortal Joe as well as Warrior Woman Furiosa. There’s also a recording exchange with Charlize Fury as well as Dakota Smith about Max being injured and the other women being expecting. It’s generally evident.


Lots of guns Lots of guns!

There’s an ad that’s well-known appearing on Just Ads TV that you’re likely to see. “Guns, Lots of guns!” This is a scene from “The Matrix,” and the ad cites it with the tagline “Guns Lots of gun!” The ad catches your attention, especially in the quest “There’s an electric light that never dims” when you arrive at Zuleikha’s home.

Blue pill or red pill?

In the beginning, when you allow Johnny get into Vee’s head and he’s with The Postmortem Club, in one scene, you’ll spot a menacing man in a black jacket giving Johnny either a red or blue pill. This is an obvious connection to “The Matrix,”” among Keanu Reeves’ most memorable films as an actor and the one mentioned earlier “John Wick.”

Mike Pondsmith

Pondsmith Street

Mike Pondsmith is the creator of the initial Cyberpunk world of tabletop games. He personally worked on the game with CD Projekt Red on the game. In the end, Japantown has the street named for him, Pondsmith Street. Nice!”

Mortal Kombat


Caution: below are small spoilers for Panam’s storyline.

When you’ve completed after completing the “Road towards Paradise” mission along with Mitch, He gives you the figurine to put on the table in front of the window of Vi’s home. It’s akin to Scorpion as a Cyberpunk character and one of Mortal Kombat because of its posture. If you examine it, you’ll find that it’s branded with the KO Kombat brand.


Surgeon in Japan

When you’ve completed Mission Number One, you’ll encounter Haruyeshi who is a surgeon from Japan. Fans of the “The Office” series will recognize his tale because it’s very similar to the story of Hidetoshi Hasagawa who is the cardiac surgeon helped from death by Darryl in the sixth season of the series.



The “Reintegration” task, in which you must deliver Delamin’s stolen cars back the voice of one is like someone who has worked at one of the Aperture Science test cells. If you approach the machine located on the Coast the sound is absolutely GLaDOS. It even mentions “the cake is ready” and what else can it mean?



This reference to Rihanna specifically, particularly her 2008 hit song Disturbia is among the most unexpected lyrics in 2077. When you locate Skippy’s smart gun, it’ll often play the Disturbia song in your hands. Very clingy, especially with this robot-like treatment.

Romance and Stone

Colby “Little Mule”

If you’ve ever seen “Romancing the Stone,” that romantic comedic film from 1984 that starred Michael Douglas, Caitlin Thayer, and Danny DeVito, you probably recognize the Colby “Little Mule” car you can purchase within the Badlands region. Of course, it’s not a perfect copy. However, the style is quite similar, and the name clearly refers to the car in the film.


Room 1237

In the very first mission of the game “The Last Game of Retrieval,” you and Jackie embark on a scavenger hunt. The location is apartment 1237. which is a reference to the film “The Shining,” in which room 237 is haunted by Danny Torrence.

Also , in the film there’s a dead lady in a bathtub. do you know who you need to save during the mission? Yes, that’s the woman who is in the bathtub.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Lorry chase scene

Within Rancho Coronado, in the sewers of Arasaki Industrial Park, you will find a demolished motorcycle and a truck, and two bodies in the area. Two human bodies and one…robot? This is an allusion to the car pursuit from “Terminator 2.”

There’s a recorded exchange with Arnold Blake and Tex, which reveals that they have to ensure that they keep Jimmy O’Connor alive, but the enemy has been subjected to significant Cyborgization. Funny.

Tori Amos

Muhammed My Friend

It is believed that the Dewdrop Motel chain throughout Knight City is a very subtle allusion in Tori Amos’ song Muhammed My Friend by Tori Amos. The lyrics read “do drop in at the dewdrop inn.”

Wedman 3


Knight City is full of machines that play a variety of games. The one, which has raced, is known as Roach Race, although sometimes the name that appears on the screen may be off. Roach can be the title given to Geralt’s horse in the third episode of The Witcher. Also, there’s the image of horses as well as the name “Roach” on the car of V that he rides during the first mission after having completed the prologue.

Smuggler’s Warehouse

If you’ve ever played The Witcher 3 with a hundred percent playthrough, you’ll recall the agony of discovering the smugglers’ caches in Skellig. Three barrels atop the sea’s surface with tempting loot inside. If you visit the bridge that connects Haywood and Pacifica, there is the same thing in the waters. Nearby is the body of a man who drowned while looking for the last smuggler’s stash. The flash drive is in his hand to inform them that their obsession with finding all the geocaches consumed him too much…yes, we’ve experienced the feeling.

There are many other mentions of The Witcher in the game however, there are quite many. This is why we created an entire guide dedicated to The Witcher’s world.

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