Cyberpunk 2077 guide Which abilities to choose

When you first discover yourself in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll discover so many talents (and the trees) that deciding to use them could overwhelm even a computer-generated brain. It’s huge. However, some skills are priceless, and it is essential to acquire them.

Some aren’t required, but certain abilities from different branches work together. For instance, you could boost the damage caused by pistol shots on the head within one branch and damage to other people in another and damage from the use of silencers in a third. So, when you shoot an instrument with a silencer, your damage can triple.

There are many examples, and some of these abilities are available from the beginning to play. However, before we discuss the top skills, it is essential to know the methods to earn points and increase them. They grow as you improve your skills, not only when you upgrade your character. It’s similar to Skyrim in that each skill can be developed separately when you play with it.

Abilities everyone needs

Let’s examine the capabilities that are required for every player. You can upgrade any weapon you want and don’t forget these. Try to be as diverse as you can. Use hacking and stealth techniques switch weapons, perform craft and upgrade. The more you practice the better, the more points you’ll earn for your abilities.

  • Mass Vulnerability Hacking Protocol Level 1 unlocks a demon of Mass Vulnerability which reduces the physical strength of all enemies who are part of this network by 30 percent over 3 minutes.
  • Restoration Level: Athletic, 1 – health while fighting is gradually restored.
  • Reducing Mule Level 1 – the maximum weight threshold rises by 60.
  • Apprentice Level 1: Creation 1 – lets you make rare items.
  • Innovation Level 1 – improves efficiency of consumables by 25 percent.

This is a very particular build. However, you can get all of these abilities as early as the game begins. You’ll be an effective silent killer through them, focusing on enhancing headshots and damage. You can take on devastating damage using firearms, sniper rifles, and pistols. The following abilities from various branches will let you take down anyone you like on the battlefield. All you need is a bit of precision.

    • Carabiner Rifles, level 1 – increases damage caused by submachine guns and rifles by 3%/6 percent / 9 percent.
    • Bullseye Rifles level 7 – Increases damage to targets of submachine guns and rifles by 10 10%.
    • Deadly Stride: Stealth Level 1. Stealth moves increase damage 25% when using silenced weapons
    • Lethality Stealth, level 7 – Inflicts 15 percent more harm to humans.
    • Sniper: Stealth, level 1 – Dexterity increase 30% when headshots are that are taken outside of combat.


    • Stealth, Level 1 – Dexterity increase 30 percent.

    • Steel Nerves Rifles, level 11 – the damage caused by headshots fired by sniper and target rifles increase by 20%/40 percent.
    • Maximum Lethal Precision Level 11 – head impacts increases by 50 percent.
    • The exact head Pistols as well as Revolvers Level 1 30 percent increase in damage when head hits.

Specific to the head

    • Shortshell, level 1- 30% more damage for head hits.

There are many skills available within the game, but this one is one we discovered to be the most effective. What do you consider?

Are there any essential skills we haven’t spotted?

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