Cyberpunk 2077 Guide Where to Find Skippy’s Smart Gun

Who doesn’t want a weapon that can be talked to? Skippy is among the most original and iconic guns from Cyberpunk 2077. Anyone can locate one. Skippy is a weapon that adapts to your abilities, meaning it can be more powerful (or less influential) according to your level. It is necessary to venture away from the path of least resistance to locate the weapon, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

Skippy acts as the Artificial Intelligence installed inside the Smart Gun, and you can control which way to shoot it: you can aim it at the legs or only towards the head to cause the most damage. It’s a deadly little gun that will tell you much about the torrent of bullets that pound Knight City’s streets. Knight City. It’s a pistol. However, it can shoot and can also be an automatic weapon.

Where can you locate Skippy

Visit Vista del Rey in Haywood and look for the side quest located in the southwest part of the area. There is an end-of-the-road with a body. The corpse comes with an iconic cannon dubbed Skippy. Pick it up to begin your quest. Skippy features a hologram and artificial intelligence in the process of being developed, which can communicate with you and make this one of the original weapons available. After a brief chat, Skippy will ask you to select one of two options:

  • Cold-Blooded Assassin Always focus on the head.
  • Pacifist Always strive towards the legs.

Skippy is a chatterbox that churns up various comments while you’re running, shooting, or loading your gun. Particularly when you’re shooting reloads, He’s always looking for “more” and whistles while running.

A few tips – select the opposite option to the one you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an item that is not lethal, go for “Assassin” If you’re looking for a head-shotting death machine, select “Pacifist.” While you are on your quest, you will utilize the chosen mode; however, once you have completed it, it will change to the other way, without the option to switch it. Be sure to select your mode carefully!

The mission itself is a bit of a mystery. The objective is to eliminate 50 enemies using Skippy After that, the cannon automatically switches to the reverse mode.

Specifications for Weapons

  • Smart gun
  • 18-22 damage units
  • The smartest: bullets that homing
  • +13-16 Electric Damage
  • +12% Chance of sustaining Critical damage
  • +19.63 percent Critical Damage
  • +6% Stun Probability
  • Two Head Hit Damage Factor
  • Flexible to the user level

Be aware that you’ll need the right Cyberimplant for the intelligent aiming feature. It can be fitted from any device. If you visit Vic, these implants can cost as low as 9000 euros.

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