Cyberpunk 2077 guide All the The Witcher’s ghosts

Nothing can keep a faithful witchman from being a part of the game. This includes appearing in the future games as a guest. Because of The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red has established itself as a world-class game developer. Their latest release, Witcherrunk 2077, their new massive open-world RPG, does not have anything to do with Geralt Ciri and the rest of the characters from the famous dark world. In addition to a vast number of text and references to the awe-inspiring “Wild Hunt.”

It is possible to wear the clothes of The Witcher, view Ciri on the front cover of a magazine, or even find a genuine absurdity in the form of a joke about smuggler’s cache in connection with the players’ resentment of the frustrating and often futile hunt for these hidden stashes. The search for these tiny details is definitely worth the effort, even if it doesn’t conceal the time-traveling Ciri. At least for the moment.

Smuggler’s Stash

To locate this passchalk, head to the pier located at Northeast Pacifica, a very long pier, with the cyberpsych search. Follow the pier until you can see an unfinished ladder leading to the floating platform on the right.

Then there will appear a dead body with a note. It tells us bitterness and sadness about the despair of trying to locate the hiding spots. The dead man was left with one to locate. And we’ll discover it also. The note contains a clue.

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It is said to look for an unmarked cache marked with a question mark underneath the south side of the bridge that connects Haywood to Pacifica. The way to get to the bridge is by swimming. this pillar is the closest. Under the water, you’ll see three barrels. They’re nothing extraordinary and are just like all the hideouts of smugglers from The Witcher 3 “The Witcher.” They are identified in the maps with question marks; the barrels are also part of the exact location.

Easchmarks have Carpenter, Nilfgaard, and the Wolf School

Alongside the passchalk, for smugglers’ cache, You can also find Roach Race slot machines, the name Roach on The Witcher: the English edition of The Witcher. They’re throughout the game. There’s also a cheesy reference advertisement for something known as Milf Guard that eerily is similar to Nilfgaard, the title of the nation Nilfgaard in The “Witcher.”

Within the realm of The Witcher, various schools teach new witches and monster hunters. The game’s protagonist, Geralt, is from the Wolf School. If you pre-order the game, you can receive the School of the Wolf jacket drawn from the armor of the Witcher, but with a fashionable cyberpunk look.

Cameo in the form of Ciri.

In the final analysis, there’s the Cziri pass holder on the field. This obscure reference is difficult to miss. However, it is found on the retro game magazine only when you select the Corporat route. When you leave the premises, you’ll need to get into your office and look over your computer. While you are at your desk, pull open a drawer. If you pay attention to the drawer, you’ll see a magazine inside featuring a photo from Ciri on the front cover.
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The developers have stated that the previous The Witcher will not appear in the game. Indeed, it’s not an actual NPC; however, it’s something. “Wild Hunt” has received several Game of the Year awards. It may be remembered in 2077.

Have you come across another “The Witcher” pass-hatches around Knight City? We’ll keep this guide updated whenever we come across any of them!

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