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In the harsh and bleak world of Cyberpunk 2077, the word “love” is not a significant factor. For most people you encounter, you will only be in a fast connection – however, certain characters will become your friends and with whom you’ll be able to develop a lasting relationship. This guide will speak about the characters from the game, which has an ethereal storyline.

The possibility of having an intimate relationship with them is restricted to the gender of Vee (an outdated concept in the present; however, it is an essential aspect in the story), So we hope that you aren’t averse to having a few spoilers in the game – they allow you to make the ideal character before you start. The characters listed below are potential companions for the player. However, you can choose to be even closer to them if you know the meaning.


  • 1 All are able to be in an affair with
  • 2 Judy Alvarez
  • 3 Meredith Stout
  • 4 River Ward
  • 5 Panam Palmer
  • 6 Alt Cunningham
  • 7 Kerry Eurodain
  • 8 Rouge

Anyone you could be in a relationship with

The romantic relationships of Cyberpunk 2077 are carried out extremely easily. If you have one of the following companions, there are a few of the following requirements that must be met to attract each one of them:

    • In conversation In conversations, always be sure to ask the person you are talking to to share the most about their lives as possible. Learn everything you can about them.
    • Take care of them. Be a good person and don’t make them feel like you’re taking advantage of them. Consider them as friends first and only later as lovers.
  • Do your best to complete tasks that are in their best interests This is particularly relevant for secondary assignments that can result in a short flash.
  • Complete all the tasks they provide you with. You’ll receive them often so follow the directions and read the messages they send you. Remember to respond!
  • The idea of hooking up only after one move. If you do the opposite, this type of game can be a certain way to be unsuccessful.

It’s simple. There’s no trick here. You don’t get married, and you can meet various characters. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime relationship, and even the interactions that involve the principal characters may not be as apparent as they appear in marketing.

There is no limit on the time you can spend regarding your responses, which means romantic side quests can be completed according to your own schedule.

Judy Alvarez

  • Orientation: lesbian Gender V is female.

We meet her early in the game in the initial act. she’s a vital NPC part of”Robbery” and the Mission “Robbery.” She is, however, the subject of a romantic connection only in”Disaster”; the “Disaster” mission is completed in the second act. After the task is completed, If you’re sufficiently close to her, she’ll beg you to come over to her house to continue.

Judy has the status of braindead programer of Lizzie’s Bar and a member of the Shelma Gang. Judy has the sole character who you can share a an intimate relationship with a lesbian.

Meredith Stout

  • Orientation: hetero, gender V is male. Bonus for Corporat

Meredith is a woman who holds a top position within the Militech Corporation whom you meet at the start of the game. Also, she’s very prominent in the very first gameplay videos that are part of advertising materials for the game. If you assist her in completing Militech tasks, she’ll invite you to join her.

River Ward

  • The orientation is hetero gender V, gender VI is female.

You’ll be able to establish a connection with this guy after you’ve completed the “I Is a Criminal” second quest within Act 2. It’s provided to you by Elizabeth Perales, so don’t ignore him if your looking for a man.

Panam Palmer

  • Orientation: hetero, gender V is male. Bonus for Nomad

Panam is a tough girl that you meet during the City of Ghosts mission in Act 2. It’s difficult to overcome her If you act improperly, it could end your relationship with Panam. Begin by offering her your friendship and then she’ll develop feelings for you…if your actions are consistent with her tasks.

Alt Cunningham

  • Orientation: bisexual, gender V is any.

The only character you are able to be in love with is by completing your main mission. The bed scene will be revealed regardless.

Kerry Eurodain

  • Orientation is homosexual, gender V refers to male

An ex-member of the Samurai, Now a successful homeowner of North Oak. Finish his side quests to start the quests of his romantic line. More information will be provided shortly.

This is the one character which gay men are able to engage in an affair.


  • Orientation: bisexual, gender V is any.

Go along with Johnny Silverhand’s side-quest to discover Rouge to feel a connection with you. The hitwoman, who is currently the hostess from Postmortem Bar, used to work with Johnny and was part of his attack on Arasaka Corporation. Arasaka Corporation.

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