Cyberpunk 2077 Beginner’s Guide

Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is waiting for you – and if you’re hoping to be a star, You’ll require all the assistance you will receive. In the first few hours, playing the game Cyberpunk 2077 is difficult for those new to the game. After that, we’re trying to figure everything out a vast array of abilities and activities and a variety of options in this cyberpunk-antiutopia.

We’ve created some simple guidelines to remember to help you concentrate on what’s important to you. So if you’re looking to increase your points, reap adequate rewards, or cause more damage using headshots, here’s the best information to learn.


  • 1 points for saving ability
  • 2. Do everything you can to score more points
  • 3Use a hack that is quick and easy frequently
  • 4. Please try not to try to the fast walking
  • 5Gather (almost) all loot
  • 6Take your time in completing Act 1
  • 7 Buy a brand new cyberdeck today
  • 8 Hit the head to cause more damage
  • Access points for 9 hacks
  • 10 , Level 20, Sniper Rifle at the start
    • 10. 1 SV-32 Grad sniper rifle

Points for saving

Do not use your capacity and characteristic points right away after receiving these points immediately upon receiving them. Sometimes, passing a technical capability test is required for specific tasks – for example, opening an unlocked door. Typical options are also available only when you have the appropriate abilities or features in dialogs. The game can be paused at the beginning of the dialogue to improve your skills and clear the checks.

Do whatever you can to score more points

Don’t be hung up on one type of weapon or style of play. Make sure to try different strategies. For example, take a shotgun to an appropriate stage. Hack everything you can start from the beginning; you can begin making. You could even run around rather than drive to ramp up your Athletics skill. Why? Because it lets you earn ability pointsthat can be used anywhere instead of just within your chosen area of making.

Make sure to use a quick hack frequently

Each time you hack, you gain experience. hack. If you can, make use of all memory cells that are available to hack into systems while exploring the world or fighting, and gain experience in hacking, you earn abilities points. In addition, it’s beneficial to get into the habit of regularly scanning the surroundings. A quick hack can help you locate essential awards, access points, and much more.

Do not use any rapid hacks

If you always make use of rapid travel, you could be unable to answer calls or text messages to your mobile. They usually are connected to nearby missions and are marked on the map by the yellow question mark. Make sure to complete the missions as fast as possible to earn more money.

Collect (almost) all loot

Don’t simply take the things you need, and leave the rest. Make sure you check all bodies after fighting and take weapons as they can be broken down into pieces for making. Utilize the scanner to look for objects in the form of “junk” meant to be sold. Sometimes you’ll find something unusual and valuable in this manner. It is essential to make cash here, so take every trunk and open the containers. One thing that you must keep is the ineffective garbage.

Be patient with Act 1.

On the first day in Act 2, you’ll need to purchase a new car. If you’re not able to afford it, you’ll need to walk through Knight City. This isn’t an ideal way to build your reputation. Be sure to do a variety of side quests to top up your account with cash before taking the Robbery task.

Buy a brand new cyberdeck

as soon as you can.

When it comes to purchases your first cyberdeck is basically useless since it isn’t upgradeable. A lot of people don’t realize it until the start of the game, however an instant hack can be very beneficial for those who prefer the stealthy approach.

Heads up and shoot for more damage

For pistols and sniper rifles, specific abilities allow you to deal more damage when struck in the head. When combined with the capabilities to silence weapons, this damage is increased more. You can also create a deadly and silent character who always shoots at the head.

Access points for hackers

Access points are discovered everywhere, and hacking them will allow you to earn more money and crafting parts. If you spot cameras or other objects connected to the internet, you may utilize the Query feature to locate access points or simply look around and locate them in the vicinity. Try to complete as many of the conditions as you can in order to receive an award!

Hacking a hotspot can be described as a mini-game that you need to link numbers together in one row. the numbers must be within the same row or within one column. The more numbers you can connect correctly, greater the reward.

The 20th level Sniper Rifle in the very beginning

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll discover a powerful weapon called a sniper. Within the City of Dreams mission, the moment Jackie along with Jackie reach the fisher, head to the Esoterica store and walk down the alley, but do not walk to the right. To the left, just right after the entrance to the store, will be an elevator passageway. You can take it up to the top and then go through the purple case next to the slight elevation – there will be an SV32 “Grad” Sniper rifle.

Sniper rifle SV-32 “Grad”

    • 694-848 damage units
    • Level Requirements: 20
    • Potentially unleashed when the Strength Level is 6

is achieved

  • Price: 642 Eurodollars

Of course, these tips are essential to have prior to playing; however, even if you already have Cyberpunk 2077, the majority of them remain relevant and can assist you in becoming a Knight City legend.

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