Crystal Dynamics Showed Cut Mechanics Of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider And The Cover Of The Angel Of Darkness On Gold Leaf

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics continue their 25th anniversary series featuring Tomb Raider. The latest content they released concentrated upon Shadow of the Tomb Raider and also referred to the Angel of Darkness.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider are dedicated to two brand new videos. The first video showcases prototypes of game mechanics that are cut:

  • Machete. It was designed to cut through the dense jungle. The thicket, however, did not move fast enough.
  • Basejumping. Lara was supposed to leap off tall objects that were on the ground, and move through space to prevent collisions with trees, and landing on tiny locations.

An additional bonus is an early version of a story known as Experience Way.

Another exciting addition is a creative reimagining the front cover the book The Angel of Darkness by artist Stephanie Rew. The artist painted Lara with oil and a piece of gold leaf. The artist believed that the mix of gold and black represented the gothic atmosphere that is the Angel of Darkness.

The relief and drawing are natural, tangible -you can view an original version here. The illustration was digitally digitized, and for instance, a different design for the cover of the film The Angel of Darkness was constructed. The proportions are preserved: the image could be printed, cut around the perimeter, and then placed in the box for DVD.

It is important to remember that a fresh Tomb Raider is being developed. Crystal Dynamics has an enigmatic strategy that has been refined, which will combine the original segments of the series with the most recent trilogy. The cutting of the timelines is expected to commence in an upcoming anime based on the series.

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