Crown Trick Review – Another one of the goodies in the genre Review

It’s clear that the year of 2020 was an extremely busy year that was both negative as well as positive. In terms of the game sector is concerned everything is well. Nearly every game that is released, even however not spectacular is praised at the very least. This is not just for high-end games but low-budget independents in the roguelike genre . Think of Hades, Star Renegades, Rogue Legacy 2… The main character of this review Crown Trick Crown Trick – completes this list.

  • Producer: NEXT Studios
  • Publisher: Team17 Digital
  • Date of release: September 16, 2020

We’ve had the pleasure of playing the colourful Crown Trick RPG and hasten to share our thoughts. The game was able to shoot, though not at a high volume.

Ellie in Nightmareland

The story revolves around a girl called Ellie who wakes up trapped in the Nightmare Dimension in her dreams. The escape isn’t simple, as a particular antagonist “Duke Vlad”, hiding in his dungeons, causes unfortunate events to the real world. It’s the job of for the princess to stop the villain and she’ll receive help from a mysterious creature that is an animated crown.

There aren’t any bugs or glitches, or other issues that could ruin your experience. The game crashes, lags, FPS sit-downs, or critical bugs – none that were discovered in the walkthrough.

However, you could also throw insects in the Ointment. I didn’t like the adversaries – there’s plenty of diversity however, they don’t really stand out in terms of qualities and abilities. They’re like monsters who perform a routine exercise. However, that’s just a nagging but not a issue that could deter.

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In the end, we have another great project within the “roguelike” genre that while it does not attempt to change the rules of the genre, it has to its credit some very impressive qualities that stand apart.

The most intriguing thing is that the game’s not trying to sabotage the player’s heels like other Roguelikes. There is a balance of difficulty in it that when you die, you’re not likely to break anything with your arm however, on the other hand you’d like to go back into the realm of nightmares and discover what it is that randomness has put together this time. It is highly recommended not only to those who are fans of the genre however, also for those just beginning to learn with the genre.

We would highly recommend it.

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