Crossout Mobile Review – Fury Road in your pocket Review

September 30th, 2021 mobile Version of action game post-apocalyptic Crossout finally made it to Russia and is now available to everyone who has Android or iOS can play the game. I also went on a trip through the deserts and had to reveal how the outcome is when the “younger” brother can do against the older brother and what he’s lost.

  • Producer: Targem Games
  • Publisher: Gaijin Distribution KFT
  • Please mark the date: September 30, 2021 (in Russia)

The first action game Crossout was released in the year 2017, and attracted gamers’ attention due to its post-apocalyptic settings and the possibility of assembling the steel Frankenstein out of items, provided it was able to be able to shoot or drive. Game-related content that is accelerated is already in the fields that flashes “Hover,” and after these – the monsters and spiders made of metal more terrifying.

Eventually, a highly successful MMO will get a mobile version to broaden the audience. However, the market has proven to be more popular than any predictions. This is why Crossout Mobile was born, which, over time, moved to Russia and then, finally, was launched.

I was first introduced to the full version of the game on PlayStation 4, and it took me over twelve hours and a lot of nerves. The game impressed me with its battles and the opportunity to build your truck from the garage, but eventually, I gave up on the game because of my research. So, Crossout Mobile is doubly interesting for me, not just to shoot, but to check out how it’s developing after a long time.

Thus, Crossout Mobile is the “younger” cousin of Crossout and is a “smaller” version designed for mobile platforms. However, the developers weren’t able to create an accessible port with no modifications, and they added their tricks and adapted the game to smartphones, and even worked on the issues in the first version that it could not solve. So let’s look at the whole thing in order.

Crossout Mobile begins with a basic introduction. From this point on, you will see the primary difference from the standard version. The shooting is automated. I consider this an enormous benefit, as when the situation was reversed, players would need to shoot longer before aiming, and the fights would have lost some of the momenta. Control is accomplished using the left stick. It’s practical. However, it is still necessary to become comfortable with it.

After a brief firefight and then we’ll be put in an airship in which we’ll have to play the bulk of the time. The primary feature of the game – creating an unstoppable machine from scratch – has been transferred to this location, naturally. Unfortunately, the content in Crossout Mobile is still not enough. Experienced players will be disappointed by the absence of beloved cabins, dodgers wheels, and other features; however, it’s evident that the game is developing, and the creators are working to fill the gaps.

The car editor is designed to allow for touch – each element can be rotated or moved to a specific location or manually put in. It is easy to highlight the boxes that can be placed; however, sometimes you’re missing the mark because the fingers are thicker that the mouse.

To ensure that we are no simple pickup like the grandfather’s machine gun, or something more serious and powerful and threatening, we will go to the scuffle. These are divided into PvP and PvE modes. They are basically like the originals in that there is the typical teamwork, capture of the base, and clan-based battles.

Mods are less noticeable than the original, but they have found a spot and the originalgame, like “Battle Leviathan” – which in Crossout described as mighty machines that were hung on the wall with the remains of a dozen machine guns or cannons, flamethrowers, and even cannons and are fitted with heavy armor across every side. The players here are trying to defend the Leviathan allied and take down the enemy; it’s thrilling.

The fights themselves were pretty quick. The battles themselves were pretty quick – PvP takes just about a minute, PvE a little longer. The fights are also brief but not quite as in the original game. In my opinion, this is an advantage. You can take on four matches in just 10 minutes, which will cut down your time in the car or at school, work, or any other place.

In battles, players mining resources like scrap metal, currency in the game, shell casings, copper plastic, and many other substances. There aren’t as many resources as in the first game, but this has been beneficial to Crossout as I’ll show further down. Materials are required to create weapons, armor, and other vehicle components. Making these items is accessible with just one click, but it can take some time. It’s not that long, but you won’t need to be waiting for days.

Components are classified according to rarity colors, common in virtually every MMO and by factions taken in the first. However, there are only four of them, namely the Mechanics and the Wanderers and The Mad Men and the Scavengers. Each faction is assigned a level and is upgraded when they are by the battlegrounds. Every upgrade unlocks new weapons as well as crafting recipes.

The business model in Crossout Mobile is quite different from how its bigger sister introduced it. In the first place, the market is controlled by the developers and not by gamers, reducing the snarkiness of young and less so young players. Additionally, to increase the quality of the faction, they provide excellent recipes and other items, typically in purple and blue. Thirdly, there are significantly few content resources, also, and the majority of them can be purchased with in-game currency that can be used to buy safe combat.

Donation is available, but unfortunately, there’s lots of it: battle pass high status and currency that is real money. However, I didn’t feel any “aggression” at the hands of the designers in this respect when we took out the irritating advertisements. In the final stages, the advantage will be on the side of the players who throw green as it was in the original game; however, the game will quickly catch up to these players thanks to the ads routine.

In closing, I’d like to inform you about graphics and optimization. The quality of the images can be altered from very low to extremely high, and the frame rate can be increased to 60. On maximum settings, we can get incredible detail of places and vehicles, in addition to stunning locations where something takes place. Furthermore, it is possible to see the highest resolution I’ve managed to squeeze out of the picture in all the pictures.

In terms of the optimization, except some random crashes. I was, however, pleasantly amazed that after I returned to this game, it was able to resume after the point where it stopped, although it was an online game.

The main point will be the fact that Crossout Mobile is a bright, driving, beautiful on-line action title that is sure to keep you entertained no matter where you go. It’s not just a port. It was a type of developer who worked on the problems, as seen by the different gameplay mechanics. I would recommend a trip to the post-apocalyptic lands, not just to those who have played them as well but to everyone looking for something new and exciting in this world of mobile games.

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