Crossfire Legion Has A Temporary Demo Version

Prime Matter and studio Blackbird Interactive have unveiled an online Demo Real-Time Strategy Crossfire: Legion Yes it is based on an online game.


Demo is available in Steam. Demo is available on Steam through February 28, at 21:00 Moscow time. The demo has the following features added to the demo:

  • The 3rd faction The New Frontier.
  • Map “Typhoon” (2 from 2).
  • Seven units:

    • Vampire.
    • Infantry.
    • Orion.
    • Cyclops.
    • Pegas.
    • Typhon.
    • Titan.

The Third Faction

The source of New Frontier is shrouded in mystery, but the consensus is:

The New Frontier is a global group of companies that seek to break the limitations of humanity through promoting, implementing, and incorporating artificial intelligence in every aspect of our lives. The aim that is The New Frontier is to make society more productive, efficient, and secure. The goal is to transform daily life to improve their lives by removing people from their autonomy. The noble idea seems to be impossible. However, it is a significant part of the idea of the New Frontier.

The units of this group are costly and slow to deploy However, they are also powerful and can be fought.

The new Frontier commanders, and their capabilities


  • The Zero-field-allies that are within range suffer less harm from any source.
  • Radiation Zone The radiation bursts are generated within the chosen area and cause the enemy to suffer.


  • The Support drone sends support drone to target, enhancing the visibility of targets, while also spotting hidden targets and enhancing the defenses of allies near.
  • Roy drone – put drones supporting it in combat mode. They’ll go to the designated point and begin attacking any enemies that are nearby. Drones self-destruct after expending energy.


  • Satellite Tracking : A satellite that tracks monitors the target as well as the surrounding area for a time. The targets being monitored take more damages.
  • Sunburst: An orbital laser flashes briefly on the chosen region. The firing mark is moved as the laser is aiming at.

Beta testing for the open beta version for Crossfire Legion is scheduled to begin in April. The release is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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