Cris Tales Test

In contrast, there isn’t evidence of pixels from the past. Instead, beautifully drawn but strikingly two-dimensional images in vibrant pastel shades entice the eyes. It’s an intriguing design: everything appears to be on polygonal disks, which allow graphic designers to create 3D elements. However, they maintain a flat, unintentional appearance. Since the camera can only look in one direction, even when you move into the depths of a scene, the whole experience looks like a mix between an open book and dioramas made of cardboard. It’s stunning and simultaneously so efficient that even Nintendo‘s Switch can make it happen.

If you look beyond the modernized presentation, you focus on the basic layout, particularly about menu navigation and the specific nature of special abilities. More clues will come to light which shows Cris Tales, the developers, have worked for a long time on Final Fantasy installments 2 through 7. For me, an avid game fan, this is a beautiful nostalgia-filled parade. My 15-year-old self laughs in delight.

Lost in time

My conscience of today, in turn, rhythmically taps its fingers on the table and says, “I hope there’s something more to be discovered,” because as lovely as nostalgia can be, it’s not able to evade the expectations of people of games for role-playing nowadays. The even Final Fantasy 6 – a masterpiece of its time is in a position to be defeated today by similar genre titles that are part of the Persona series or the epic Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It’s too dull and cumbersome and too rigid to stand up to this kind of competitor, and Cris Tales is an overly large leaf from that book in certain aspects.

Random battles against invisibly overworld groups? A steady beating after time value? Oh, those are hard ones for RPG players these days, especially when there’s no more meaning to them. For instance, if the game demands a lot of ground to help the players. This isn’t the case with Cris Tales. So why are there grueling forced interruptions every tenth-twelfth step? PC gamers can be satisfied by the fact that load times on the screen for combat are less than one second. However, it’s not the same on consoles.

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If I say that Cris Tales is like Final Fantasy 6 (which also contains its positive aspects), it pertains mainly to the game mechanics. There’s nothing to be wrong with Final Fantasy 6’s storyline; however, it’s in this section that Cris Tales doesn’t have the same level of excitement. Of all the things, this is where the role-playing game is weak even though the voice actors dedicated to the dialogues, all translated into English, attempt to present the story as compellingly as they can. Unfortunately, big ambitions are like too much butter on too little bread for storytelling.

The tale, which is told in the real sense, is the tale of Crisbell, the girl raised in an orphanage and discovered to have a particular talent by a frog called Matias. Crispell has abilities that allow her to alter the course of time. Mainly, she’s capable of looking into the future and past and even transporting her frog companion to the time zone of one for just a brief period to make tiny but significant adjustments. The changes have broad-ranging consequences that players need to weigh.

It’s a great design device to tell the story; however, the flow is rushed. As a participant flitting from one scene to the next and unable to follow the way, characters react to their destiny. The hello-and-goodbye mindset leaves an enormous credibility gap regardless of how good the voice acting gets.

Awe-inspiring, yet not fully baked

Future? Past? These are blurred shrinkings. It’s probably been a while in the past, perhaps, as Crisbell (or rather me as the participant) can observe using those triangular screens what a toddler at present appears at some point in time as an elementary school student and how a city’s rots develop over time due to wood decay. At the same time, time as an aspect doesn’t seem to be the most reliable factor. Instead, it’s the aging of variables. When fighting, for instance, you gain insight into the previous state of monsters you are fighting. For example, when wolves were pups or full-grown experienced hunters were riskier than the current wolf.

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Cris Tales doesn’t take it too seriously, neither with its story nor game’s game strategy. However, if you don’t search for the (manifold) weaknesses in the game, kindly accept the time manipulation feature, which is an interesting game mechanic that pleasantly influences and affects the traditional, turn-based battles of JRPG tactically. This prevents the game from becoming mediocre.

The mentioned Final Fantasy staple in combat is divided into two directions. The left-hand side is where you can jump back into the past, and on the right, you can jump into the future. The direction can be later reversed by using a specific technique to reverse the effects. Crisbell’s combat force blends the time shift and other special abilities if required. For example, the scattered poison, which will typically take effect in spurts, has caused the most damage to the enemy shortly. So, enemies vulnerable to poison are killed immediately when Crisbell puts them in the future. Puppy puppies from the past, in contrast, are not able to add lots of hitpoints or have strong defenses.

The more intricate the battle scenario (that can be said to mean the more sophisticated defenses that particular adversaries have) and the more exciting using timing shift. Elemental abilities and Chrono Trigger-type spells with delayed action techniques stimulate the gray subject. In contrast, it implies that many combats with insignificant adversaries follow a typical routine. On one side, since no specific ability emerges from reading the”riot act” to a wild crowd, on another hand, each time shift, along with how long it takes to resolve a change, costs you skill points that you’d instead put aside for more difficult challenges. If not for the different real-time reactions which require players to make a double attack at the correct time by pressing a button, you’d probably fall asleep during random encounters.

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