Cris Tales Review – Deceptive Aesthetics Review

In the past few days, there was the announcement of a smaller size, but quite unique project dubbed Cris Tales. It aims to draw the attention of gamers with its unique aesthetics and gameplay that is that is reminiscent of the old-school Japanese RPGs. Are the graphics worth the hype? It’s the right now time to learn through the review.

  • producer: Dreams Uncorporated, SYCK
  • Publisher: Modus Games
  • Please note: July 20, 2021

Major studios and big publishers have been shackled by the photorealistic technology to which the advancements have led. Rarely do they permit themselves to play games that have an unorthodox design style is, however, unable to be marketed with a reasonable budget.

This is the reason why indie games are a great outlet for players who love innovative design, imaginative thinking and a unique way of making graphics. So, while being modest in appearance but deep within, projects can provide an experience that blockbusters that cost millions can’t provide.

In this sense, Cris Tales was visible from a distance. From the first time it was shown viewers were captivated by the manner in which the creators approached making the images. The images they saw were reminiscent of an animated fairy tale which was made with great care and care for the smallest of details.

Relaxation for the eyes and ears

It is possible to spend a lot of time generating words to describe the game’s style and game. However, they’re all insignificant sense because you just have to play the game one time to grasp the game.

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Painting, colors, stylistics. It’s as if you’ve returned to your happy childhood, and you trust with complete faith in the most amazing stories of good and evil battling one another.

Hardcore is a result of other options that aren’t compatible with the core principles of the game industry today. For instance, you can save only in specific points while health and mana aren’t automatically restored following each fight.

A separate mention needs to be made of “chance encounters” which have turned into the bane of players of the original JRPG. For Cris Tales this feature was dragged to the point of absurdity, forcing players gamers to fight for each 5 meters of movement. Only the most dedicated gamers will be able to survive this.


The scenario with Cris Tales is very like what was seen with Ori as well as The Blind Forest. Based on the trailers and images several players made wrong conclusion, expecting an adventure from a fairytale. In reality, players were confronted by a brutal ordeal did not all who played the game were able to be able to overcome.

If you’re not acquainted about the jRPG genre or aren’t willing to take on the challenge of the game, which is unimaginable without any exaggeration, you should not bother to learn about the game. The players who know the direction they’re headed are in for a good challenge and are very capable of reminding you that the classic games of old exist.

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