Corsair K70 Rgb Tkl / Sabre Rgb Pro Test

The company could score points using this Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series. When it comes to measuring latency, conjunction with NVIDIA Reflex technology and the Sabre Pro Champion Series could quickly secure the top two spots. It’s a good start for the brand new manager. It is closely followed by, as well by two Dark Core models in 4th and 5th, both based upon the same tech.

Sabre RGB Pro Sabre RGB Pro is a 1329 x 70 x 43-millimeter right-handed keyboard with a minimal design that is in line with the trend of lightweight. The simple mouse weighs 74 grams. It is minimalist, as it does not have the standard features like two mouse buttons with two thumb buttons, a mouse wheel with a click-able function, and a DPI switch. There aren’t any extras. This Sabre RGB Pro feels good in the palm and is simple to use with all kinds of grips. Its Sabre is corded with its 2.1-meter cord is soft and won’t draw attention with its bulky movements when playing. The PTFE glide surfaces under the surface allow for a smooth scurry through the keyboard.

The wheel of the mouse turns smoothly and is relatively simple to click. The brand new Quickstrike switches, launched in conjunction with Katar Pro XT, are now available. Katar Pro XT is working again underneath your mouse’s buttons. They impress with quick switching paths, direct clicks, and quick response. They are nicely placed and are sufficiently sensitive without being overly sensitive. It is nearly impossible to trigger accidentally.

The DPI switch is situated just behind the wheel of your mouse. It can assign up to 5 DPI settings using software, with an LED display with three parts on the left-hand side that shows the level you have selected. You can also alter the DPI number in real-time using a DPI toggle and thumb buttons with 50 steps, each when the default value does not quite match 100 percent. The RGB lighting is, like the name implies, an option. The mouse wheel and logo are lit and can be altered using the iCUE software with the new version 4.0.

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Inside, Corsair’s most advanced mouse technology is in action. Again, this optical Pixart PMW3392 with 18,000 DPI, 50G acceleration, and 450 IPS is the sensor. There are no doubts regarding its performance. It is currently one of the most efficient and fast sensors available. Due to Axon Hyper Processing Technology, polling speed can be increased to 8,000 Hz if your computer has a speedy CPU. This means that it’s Eight times quicker than commonly available mice, which is the main reason for the decrease in latency. That’s why we’re using the latest iCUE version 4.0, which is, in fact, older versions that aren’t compatible with the newest hyper-polling.

The result is a speedy, accurate, precise, and excellent mouse that can handle every use scenario. The price at 59.99 euros is a great deal, and the light Sabre RGB Pro is not only a good choice for ambitious gamers and e-sportsmen but also the Otto regular player. We’re sure that this rodent with a sporty personality will make many new acquaintances eager to use it regularly.

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