Corsair K70 Rgb Pro Test

The set also comes with the palm rest, connected via magnets and two guide lugs. Along with the vast cushioned rubber that is anti-slip, the keyboard can be placed like it’s affixed to the desk. However, it additionally takes up some space at 444 x 40mm. This keyboard connects the USB-C cable to USB-A; however, the USB passthrough has been replaced. Also, since the USB-C port has a recess, it is impossible to use every line if you need to replace it.

The K70 is an all-format keyboard. However, it doesn’t have any separate macro keys. Instead, there are three buttons to select the profile and illumination brightness—Windows key lock on the left upper corner. Keys for media control and a mic mute and volume control can be found on the right-hand side; they’ve been given more appreciation in terms of performance this time around. On the back is an option for a tournament mode switch that has a lock, which changes to single-color illumination, and blocks out any functions that aren’t authorized.

For the switch, Corsair continues to go Cherry with its K70 RGB PRO, which comes with the linear Cherry MX Red and the agile Cherry MX Speed Silver. Both are switches with a linear design designed to be used for gaming. Corsair is a lover of the most ardent gamers and e-sportsmen is evident from its inner workings of the switch, which have undergone the most significant overhaul.

K70 RGB PRO K70 RGB PRO comes fitted with AXON technology. It offers hype rolling at 8,000 Hz and key scanning at 4,000 Hz, reducing input delay from 1 millisecond to 0.25 milliseconds. This is of lesser significance for regular gamers; however, this could certainly be a benefit in e-sports, where the most minor tiny fractions of a second are in the balance. The keypad’s N-key rollover and anti-ghosting are, in fact, a standard feature.

The keyboard can be configured with the iCUE program, which isn’t easy to learn, yet offers various features, including elaborate RGB lighting, macros, key assignments, and profiles for certain players. Thanks to the 8 MB memory, you can bunker with up to 50 different profiles and access them at the push of the button.

As you’d expect, indeed, the K70 RGB PRO doesn’t suffer from any issues in its usage. The keyboard responds quickly when you input commands, while the tried-and-tested Cherry switches work precisely. But we did find one tiny flaw that could be a Corsair signature: Certain keys, including those that have space bars, exhibit noticeable reverberations when they are struck. Again, it’s not a significant issue, but, unusually, this is a frequent issue on Corsair keyboards.

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