Corsair Hs80 Rgb Wireless Test

With 367 grams, this HS80 weighs 367 grams, which is the standard weight class of wireless headsets. Ear cups that rotate soft, padded ear pads provide excellent wear even during long sessions. The design is sturdy and is not the least due to the aluminum headband covered with an ear trim made of plastic.

For controls about control, in terms of rules, the HS80 is a bit sluggish. The power button, volume control, and USB-C port for the charging cable are on the left side of the earcup, and that’s all there is. The iCUE-4 software offers more options on your PC at the very minimum. It allows you to configure and enable the microphone monitoring feature, and you can also select presets as well as an EQ with ten bands. In addition, you can create your profiles. This is great, as the defaults (Movie FPS, Movie Chat, FPS, and Boost) did not impress us.

The most practical are voice messages that come out of the shells used for charging or for microphones, as well as other features. The battery comes with a capacity of twenty hours. So that’s something we can, in general, say. But, only if you turn off the RGB lighting that can be set in issue 4. If you permit your Corsair emblems on the sides of bezels’ space to shine, their runtime will be reduced.

Corsair’s microphone utilizes a portable boom microphone that flips to mute function, which means it’s not movable. The somewhat long boom can be set up fairly easily. The microphone’s quality of transmission is good. However, it isn’t quite as good as the quality of the broadcast advertised. It is adequate for clean, comprehended voice chats while playing.

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The HS80 connects wirelessly using a USB dongle or USB charger cable. This means that the headset is compatible with both PC and PlayStation consoles, though the latter has limitations since there’s no software to assist the user. Better headsets exist available for PlayStation and PC. Therefore the feature is only helpful if the console is used as a backup device alongside the PC, and you don’t need to purchase another headset. Its Slipstream wireless technology by Corsair is flawless, has no noticeable delays, and has a good performance and range.

Its Corsair HS80 flaunts Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio. The sound is believed to be resonating from the 50mm drivers, providing a frequency range of 20 to 40,000 Hz. The sound, however, is quite mixed. While playing games, this headset can achieve a high score with full sound and excellent direction perception, exceptionally if Dolby Atmos is turned on. Particularly in action-packed games like shooters. The headset creates a lovely silhouette.

The situation is different when you utilize the HS80 for movies or music aside from gaming. In this case, the highs didn’t sound straightforward enough, and the lows didn’t have an element of impact. The overall experience of the headphones sounds unnatural, mainly when playing music. It could be improved using software tweaks due to the EQ with ten bands. It’s unfortunate that the presets pre-defined don’t give better sound immediately. Few people have the passion and time to mess around with the EQ endlessly until they are happy with the tone.


The main weakness is that the HS80’s sound quality falls off quite a bit in applications other than pure gaming or requires massive tweaking of the EQ settings. In addition, the trebles lack clarity for music and videos, and the bass sound could be punchier and have a bit more “punch.” Overall, a solid performance, but there is room for improvement.

In all likelihood, the HS80 does not match my preferences. If it must be a Corsair headset, we’d prefer the

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  • powerful, solid gaming sound.
  • remarkable comfort while wearing
  • Long-lasting battery
  • A well-organized microphone
  • Voice announcements
  • Your own EQ Profiles and Presets.


  • less effective with music and videos.
  • not always suitable, not suitable for “thick head.”
  • Pre-made presets are rather average
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