Corsair Hs65 Surround Test

The style is minimalist and appealing with the matte black finish and aesthetically pleasing grilles sporting Corsair logos on the sides. Due to the earcups that are large and comfortable cushions, the comfort is excellent and is which is further enhanced thanks to the faux-leather cover as well as (wide high praise) the padding made of microfiber, which does a great job of preventing sweaty sweat.

For controls In terms of rules, the HS65 is a minimalist headset. Other than the volume, you cannot operate anything directly from the headset. Instead, the connection is made using an unreliable 3.5-millimeter jack cable and a USB adapter. Because of the almost colorless sound when using the analog mode through the jack, it is recommended to use it mainly on the PC with the issue application. In the end, because of its jack port, the device could be played with an Xbox or mobile device, if needed.

The length of the cable is somewhat negative. 1.5 meters is lower than the standard of 1.8 meters and can cause issues in either arrangement. The microphone is mounted as an adjustable microphone with clearly visible switches to activate the flip-to-mute feature and cannot be taken off. The arm’s flexible design allows it to be set up reasonably well. The microphone performs exceptionally well at a reasonable price and assures a clear, undistorted voice signal.

The HS65, which is standard with all headsets, comes equipped with neodymium 50mm speaker drivers that range from between 20 and 20,000 Hz, as well as an impedance that is 32 Ohms. The “pure” audio in analog mode is a bit bass-heavy and slightly weaker in the mids but with good highs. It’s a typical gaming mix without Corsair exaggerating and letting it degenerate into a whammy machine.
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If you’re in USB mode, as well as the simple iCUE software, you have a variety of adjustment options. You can adjust the microphone’s boost and even sidetone. A preset EQ (Pure Movie, FPS Clear Chat, and Bass Boost), as well as the option to design your own, presets or modify those already available, offers tools to enhance sound quality. The presets can be used as a starting point to create your own However, don’t blow our socks off.

It is interesting to note that the sound system developed by Sonarworks can be used to aid in the optimization of sound. To do this, you can select an audio loop. The loop will always play in two distinct soundscapes; you can choose which you prefer. This is repeated several times until, at the close SoundID determines the most suitable sound to suit your preferences.

This is an exciting and appealing concept. The issue is that using music loops doesn’t always lead to getting good gaming sound out of it, and, like a headset for music, the HS65 isn’t good enough. Furthermore, it isn’t possible to make further adjustments after activating SoundID, such as tuning the sound with the equalizer. A nice trick; however, the benefits are restricted.

You can also turn on Dolby Audio 7.1 surround sound within the program. You can do this mainly if directional vision is essential to you. But you’ll need to be willing to sacrifice some clarity and accuracy. Equalizers can help somewhat here. But don’t overthink about it, as the USB sound card that comes with the adapter doesn’t have the quality for this, and the software won’t do anything magical.

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Overall, the HS65 can be heard well, mainly if you can make adjustments and tweaks according to your preferences with the EQ. Especially as gaming headsets, It delivers impressive performance and does not lag in any way.

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