Content Support For Honor Extended For A Sixth Year

Ubisoft announced that it has revealed some contents to for Honor and also announced that the game’s support is extended to further 12 more months.

This year’s sixth is referred to as Lost Horizons. The most notable features are:

  • There is a new hero group called wanderers. The first one to join them will be Piratka She will be revealed prior to the beginning in Lost Horizons.
  • There are four seasons to an entire year. Each one has a unique battle to fight.
  • Two more wanderers from the second season and in season 4 of six.
  • A brand new kind of customization is the heroic disguises. The skins completely alter the character’s appearance, which includes armor and weapons, body facial features, skin, and other things. Skins let you alter the character’s look, for example, choosing the color scheme or material. Every season they’ll introduce a new skin.
  • The skins will be added to the existing customization tools and will not alter the gameplay elements.

The developers also say that they will keep the balance in check, bring improvements in technology, maintain the for Honor competitive scene, and more.

Lost Horizons will launch March 17th. Lost Horizons will start on the 17th of March

In a couple of hours, Pirate will also appear in For Honor in a few days.. She will fight with an saber, and a new weapon, a pistol (but it appears that it is not able to shoot from a large distance). In the past it is believed that Pirate launches are divided into two stages: Pirate launch is split into two parts:

  • 27 January – The character is available for purchase for $7.99 plus additional bonus features.
  • 10 February – Character unlocks for 10.000 steel (already without bonus).

From the 27th of January until 17th February, The Pirates of the Aurora event will take place that includes the opportunity to get a free Battle pass. The event will include an armored battle suit, effect, and an ornament.

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