Command & Conquer Remastered Collection guide – how to open secret levels

The game Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection The most well-known “Easter eggs” from the original game have been recreated. If you’d like you could unlock hidden levels and fight ancient monsters. In the very first game in the franchise, Command & Conquer, you faced huge dinosaurs and Red Alert allowed you to combat massive insects. Finding both secret levels is easy and it is possible to do it at the start in the game.

This “passages” are among the greatest in the history of video games. In the first version video game, the secret message to players was encoded into the Red Alert manual – nothing complex or complicated, it was just Morse code. But back in the days of when people had no access to the Internet in the early days, it was a bit more difficult to comprehend as it is now. It wasn’t as easy to just enter dots and dashes in an interpreter – you needed to locate the Morse codes table.

Fortunately it’s not required anymore. This is how you can open each of the secret levels within the Remasters.

Command & Conquer. Reach the level of Dinosaurs

Hold Shift, then left to click to the bolts in your main menu display. Each time you click, you’ll hear the sound of the dinosaur. Four clicks will unlock the game.

Once you’ve completed the mission the level, it will stay open for ever. It’s an in-depth mission from the first C&C which lets you fight the velociraptors. It’s awe-inspiring is definitely worth a look.

Red Alert. Reach a level with ants

Press Shift, then Left to click in the speakers located in your main menu display. It’s located in the upper right-hand edge of your screen.

The level is also permanently accessible in the screen for mission selection. In the beginning the game, you could open it by deciphering an instruction that was written in Morse code within the manual for users. The manual is no longer available but the game remains accessible. Naturally, massive numbers of Ants are waiting for you.

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