Coffee Noir Review – A Detective Novel and Business Simulator Review

We’ve settled down in Neo-London and started our cafe. However, it’s a game to investigate a crime involving a coffee tycoon’s disappearance. The case will allow us to uncover the truth about an incident that occurred 10 years ago involving an alleged murder in his partner’s home! It sounds complicated. However, we’ll take it all apart when we review coffee Noir’s The Business Detective Game.

  • Producer: DOJI
  • Publisher: DOJI
  • Please mark the date: September 30, 2021

The setting is Neo-London. A futuristic city with a retro feel, men, sport elegant coats and hats. They listen to music and make phone calls on discs; however, in their invariably smoking offices, you will find Hermes typewriters, which have high-definition displays and airships dominating the city’s skies.

We might have seen some major technological advancements were it not for alcohol and sodas during the middle to the end of the 20th Century; however, coffee was its demand increased in the early years of Coffee Noir that in the 1940s completely transformed the global economy and dramatically changed the development of the world.

The story’s protagonist is private detective Arthur Oliver, who returns to Neo-London following a highly-publicized publication concerning the disappearance of English coffee entrepreneur Richard Kersey. For many, Richard was a pompous grasping, greedy capitalist — a genuine nuisance in the lavish elite chairmen’s a**es of the market. To Arthur, Kersey remained a symbol of losing something far greater than reputation or business.

A decade ago, Richard was in debt for a large amount to several serious individuals, and unfortunately for his bride, Katherine, it was Katherine who received the demand for the payment. As Kersey was on business when she needed help, she went to Arthur, who was working as a police officer to seek assistance. The two of them were involved in an affair that ended as fast as it started: Catherine died in a shootout, followed by Arthur had to forfeit his badge, and damaged his left Neo-London in what he considered forever.

A few days before what transpired in Coffee Noir, Richard’s brother called Arthur and advised him of the disappearance of Kersey. He was aware of their relationship with Katherine and Katherine but pleaded with the detective to join the investigation, not to protect himself but for the benefit of Richard and Kat’s child. And Arthur does not disagree since he is convinced that the whole incident could be connected to the murder of Richard’s wife.

The daughter of the tycoon and his older brother offer Arthur an elaborate cover-up plan that he can use to cover up his crime. their support, assistance, and encouragement can start his cafe in the city and get access to Richard’s contacts from his business to collect all the required evidence via meetings and informal conversations.

Coffee Noir does combine elements of a business simulation and a journey. However, it’s more of a visual adventure novel with an elegantly furnished neo-noir with graphic novel-like visuals and acoustic jazz music.

To ensure that they don’t give the truth about their motives, detectives need to dig into the complexities of the business of coffee. Even if the creators were kind enough to keep us out of complex financial systems and have created an extremely simplified system for tasks related to production, the players must still oversee the company, make crucial decisions, and negotiate with their partners.

What I loved:

Business System

It’s spread across multiple menu sections you can move around at work. There are staff members to recruit assignments, assign tasks, and help and develop capabilities, a plant control panel that allows for capacity adjustments, and financial reports that are detailed about the efficiency of the plant and its influences.

First of all, these graphs and charts can be difficult to comprehend, but it’s worth the time to master it (specific hints support each part), And you’ll know how to manage an enterprise with just one hand, putting your legs over the table, and enjoying the perfect Cuban cigar. The fascinating part is identifying clients and negotiating for the supply of goods.

In addition to searching for a potential partner, you also need to examine their behavior and personality and have your subordinates collect more information about them and create the product they’re interested in before attending an in-person meeting.

The interrogations are now a quest, and text boxes are branched out with dialog choices. If your strategy is appealing to the customer and you’re able to win their approval (which could significantly increase the chances of gaining greater value), you’ll discover some leads to your research.

Once the contract has been awarded, the interview will begin in which the client will attempt to obtain a discount of you, and you’ll attempt to come up with convincing arguments. If you choose, the right approach is a great way to reduce the discount amount and even persuade the customer to sign a contract with you without condition.

Once both parties approve the agreement, you need to ensure that the items arrive on time and in the appropriate quantities, i.e., to manage the scarce resources initially. Despite some simplified features, the simulation aspect is engaging and easy to use simultaneously.

Full-voiced dialogues are another great feature to Coffee Noir. The voices aren’t as visually appealing as they do sound. The actors evoke actors performing skits for English textbooks. It is clear and easy to understand English that gentlemen and women used to use during the 20th century. An excellent teacher for learning the language using the ear.

System of tips and guidance

In general, I do not respond to pop-ups with tips, but in a business where you don’t know everything, they turned out to be extremely helpful. The game provides you with what your management department needs to watch out for which cases must be dealt with during the week and lets you immediately connect the investigation evidence if you do not wish to take part in this game.

The things I didn’t like about:

The game does not have Russian language localization. Of the available languages, the only two are English and Polish. In addition, there’s plenty of corporate jargon, texts, and managerial jargon that is extremely difficult to comprehend without having a good understanding of English.

Large text box automatically scrolls while you negotiate with your customers. While you are reading this same book that outlines your journey through this story, and you could be able to read the text quietly and then move on when you are in a meeting; all of the action takes place in real-time. Because you have to pay attention and interact based on your client’s words, this situation can make things a little more difficult, even with the language obstacle.

Is it worth it?

Coffee Noir will almost definitely be a hit if you are a fan of intricate detective stories and noir, jazz, and retro-futuristic styles. Be aware that this isn’t an original text novel which is extremely difficult to master if you do not have to have a solid understanding of English.

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