Closed Testing Of Ranked Matches In Age Of Empires Iv Will Start On January 20

On November 1, Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge released an outline of the development plans to develop Age of Empires IV. The developers are still following the plan and in January, a update will be made available and the closed-testing of ranking matches will start.

January Patch

  • The characteristics that characterize Mongolian culture. Mongolian civilisation will also be reviewed in response to requests from players.
  • Lances of fire of earlier Chinese civilization were not strong enough as a unit. They will also be balanced.
  • It is expected that the Delhi Sultanate will also be modified. Improvements to the special faction mechanics.
  • Small balance adjustments and catching bugs.

Closed Tests of Ranked Matches

Age of Empires IV will introduce structured seasons of ranked battles with single-on-one combat during the early spring. However, the mechanics need to be tested before that. The trials will take place from January 20 until 28 January.

Sign up for the program to apply, sign in to your Your Age Insider account and fill out the application. If you’re selected to be on the list of lucky winners, you’ll be notified via email.

The game’s developers will host an event next week to discuss the upcoming improvements. There is no exact date yet; follow the game’s social media.

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