China Is Probably Blocking The International Version Of Steam – This Could Have A Painful Effect On The Entire Gaming Market

For a long time, Steam in China operated in a gray zone. Authorities did not authorize the site. However, there were no formal bans issued. The situation is set to change as users have reported the Steam domains are not working as they should in China because of an issue with the “great Chinese firewall.”

The Steam stores and communities aren’t opening as well in China. There’s a chance that other internet addresses globally, such as matchmaking based on Steamworks,, have been blocked. If this is the case, then the Chinese have been essentially removed from the global versions of Steam.

Valve was aware that it would come sooner or later, so it partnered together with Perfect World to create Steam China which is a locally-based Chinese Version of the website. Steam China has all the required permissions from the local government; however, most social functions like social media and community feeds have been shut off. But most importantly, the game catalog is hundreds; of; times; smaller: in February;2021, when Steam China officially launched, there were only 53 items, but at the time of& writing, it showed 68.

The restrictions of the official government could strike the Steam user base hard. The site is a massive hit in China. For instance, Valve surveys reveal that Chinese is currently the second most used Steam languages, with 22.11 percent of users. Chinese games may be among the top of sales on the entire Steam service even if they don’ not have an English translation in any way.

A good example of China’s massive part of Steam More than one-third of Monster Hunter: World reviews are simplified Chinese. (To be able to see this, you have to change the language of Steam into Chinese.)

Additionally, for developers and publishers, Steam was an easy option to get their message to the Chinese public. The official release in China is subject to seven bureaucratic circles (yes, the game must adhere to the “right” standards). Additionally, Steam could stay out of this by the game’s “gray” condition. Based on some estimates, after the loophole is closed, sales of games on Steam may drop dramatically.

There’s no time to organize a funeral: Chinese gamers are extremely involved with VPNs to get around restrictions on the Internet fence and will continue to use Steam’s international version. Steam. It’s yet to be determined what percentage of China remains excluded due to those new rules.

December 26 addendum. DTF has a piece with a headline confirmation that the international version of Steam is not blocked in China after all: the store is still formally opening in the country, but the connection is taking a long time. This means that the blockage is not completely gone; however, as the article suggests, the slowing of the connection could be the result of an issue with the Chinese government.

The headline and the text of our newspaper have been changed.

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