Chicken Police Review – Feathered Cops Review

The detective rooster as well as the cat harlot, and the Gangster Rat are the characters you’ll encounter within Chicken Police, an atmospheric noir-style detective.

You’ll meet the characters from Chicken Police, an atmospheric detective.

  • Producer: The Wild Gentlemen
  • Publisher: HandyGames
  • Date of release: November 5, 2020

The tangled case, the murders, surprising twists as well as mysterious suspects – this is the scene is, as it seems, is a good one for any investigator who will “shoot.” However, the creators for Chicken Police went further, by introducing anthropomorphic animals to be the protagonists in this story and changing the color scheme into black and white to match the look that noir movies are known for. This is more than acceptable.


The atmosphere of what’s taking place is felt from the very first frame as the main character, Sonny Pereland, rushes through the night-time city in his vehicle, smoking another smoking cigarette, and contemplating his life which is already fading. The once legendary policeman has lost his luster and is now a dull bird. Humor and satire have a major part – the mere presence of animal characters and their roles provides a basis in “thinking”. There are some allusions to the world of literature and cinema, for instance the shelf within one of the places there’s a selection of books. One that is one of the books has been twist like The Crime and Punishment by Cloville. In addition, the red accent and the rest will make you think of “Sin the City.”

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The only thing I don’t like about the story is the length. In other words, Chicken Police is one among the most innovative games of the year 2020. With an interesting story, unique design, humor diverse gameplay mechanics, and intriguing characters This game is sure to grab your attention even if you do not frequently turn to detectives.

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