Chernobylite review – a good reason to return to Pripyat Review

After almost two years of involvement in the early access psychological horror game Chernobylite by The independent producer The Farm 51 has been released. This is the time to review the situation and assess The Polish development team, and then release Igor and his companions from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in accordance with our expectations of a positive ending.

  • Producer: The Farm 51
  • Publisher: The Farm 51
  • Date of release: 27 July, 2021

The Farm 51 took The Farm 51 a year and nine months to refine and further develop the Chernobylite project that began as a tiny themed game created by a small group of people who were interested. To bring back to us an authentic feel of the long-suffering Chernobyl the game’s designers took over the land of Pripyat and the surrounding region by scanning, taking photos and sketching the ghostly remains of the town, which was surrounded by legends and unforgettable images.

And , I have to say, they were very successful. In examining the sites they have captured the scene in a good way. It’s not badly preserved Soviet propaganda from the past, but naive drawings of children on cracked asphalt, scattered throughout objects from an ascetics Soviet lifestyle like these containers for storing loose items. It all looks very convincing.

A lot of players, and some critics, who spotted flashbacks from Chernobylite didn’t understand the situation and immediately jumped at The Farm 51, accusing the team of making a foolish attempt to emulate the legendary “Stalker” however the team is not trying to follow in the steps that of GSC Game World. Sure, Chernobylite is the result of Poles passion for the location however, they are not intending to change the primary symbol of the post-apocalypse that is our own country.

Only the lazy have not played the game when it was still in early access, therefore I won’t delve further into the plot. If you’d like we could provide a preview. There’s an overview of the story’s beginning of the story, with the plot isn’t spoiled in any way, and the final scene you can discover for by yourself. Let’s say now there are three characters and you’ll get to see each of them when you can save your game prior to the end of the game mission “The The Raid”. The outcome will be determined by Igor’s actions following the fight against the boss who is final then you’ll discover what was happening to the rest the characters, should they are able to survive until the final battle.

The main thing that Farm 51 has accomplished apart from the beautifully-crafted graphics and generally excellent sci-fi narrative, is the art of mixing up the game’s mechanics. Chernobylite plays at the crossroads of several genres , without getting too deep or diverting the player from his primary goal.

It is a breeze to break, which reduces the amount of work required to a minimum. This means that the necessity to go to areas and locate resources disappears. Or, focusing solely to the story, leaving out secondary missions and stealth and the game appears to be a bit thin and uninspired. It’s still worth looking at the game’s idea to take a healthy portion of every category, so that the image becomes more thorough and proportional. A little…


  • 1 Chernobylite little bit of psychological horror
  • 2. Chernobylite bit RPG
  • 3 Chernobylite an incredibly survivalist
  • 4 Chernobylite A little shooter
  • 5 Conclusion

Chernobylite is an emotional horror

The principal character, physicist as well as creator Igor Khiminyuk, is a person of exceptional talent however, he suffered a tragic destiny. His research in science was not rewarded due to the fact that they were way ahead of the curve His best friend ended up being a sly traitor, and his beautiful spouse, Tatiana Amalieva, disappeared without trace in the days before the devastating accident that occurred at Chernobyl NPP.

Igor experiences bizarre dreams, and is plagued by nightmares, he can hear in his mind Tatiana’s voice. Tatiana who, at times, leads to warn him of danger and at times outright scares. It is important to note that Russian understudy found a girl who was disgusting. The actress does not often fall into the intonation she is afraid to show emotion and is not convinced. But, this issue is to an extent or less affected by all characters Chernobylite and his own Igor.

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In the meantime an discomfort will haunt the person throughout the journey. The Chernobylite may gently tickle your skin or hit you by screamer. If you’re trekking through the swaying greenery of a park that was deserted thirty years ago, on a cloudy day The last thing you’d like to hear is the sound of child’s laughter echoing from the hall that is the entryway to an old panel building.

The more ill-tempered Igor is will be, the more often the person will be overwhelmed by visual and auditory hallucinations when in the most bizarre and uncomfortable situations. For instance, if you’re involved in a gunfight or are gritting your teeth, you can go into a deeply cramped and dark bunker.

The players will frequently face situations that require them to take a decisive action or decide between the best of two evils. The most curious of seekers who aren’t in a hurry to find evidence scattered all over the world can try out the fractal-virtual simulation Ariadne one of the inventions of Igor, capable of reading the echo seal in radioactive particles, and reliving the events of times gone by.

It took me around 20 hours to complete Chernobylite in the event that I did my research on many of the stories, made a lot of notes, and took seriously Oliver’s advice to be prepared and locate allies prior to storming the nuclear power plant. My opinion is that this is enough. In terms of Allies Chernobylite remains a tiny bit…

Chernobylite is kind of an RPG

In the beginning of their journey just before the heroes embark on their first adventure, Oliver shows Igor a board that has a plan of action according to that the group must get the assistance of experienced combatants prior to entering the area of the doomed nuclear power plant.

There are five of them, including Oliver himself. Stories missions often place players on the spot. The choices they make will decide if they’ll be able to find another ally later on. There are many nuances and not all is rational however, If Igor remains an “good guy” and the players will have no issues.

Khimenyuk increases his experience and each level awards him points that can be traded with his companions to gain advanced skills, from better security and a broader inventory to advanced parkour abilities and arsenal of weapons. The ability to master each skill is an actual hands-on experience – playing the mini-game played with a companion and acting as a teacher.

In free moments from searching the city that is abandoned by his fellow soldiers, they hang out in the base area, talking with their leader expressing opinions on the current situation, and even offering suggestions to help equip the shelter. Infection, dissatisfaction or injury could significantly decrease your friends chance of surviving from their mission.

While to another location when on another mission, the player is able to send out instructions to their friends or allow them to relax at their base. Then, when they return in the evening, friends will discuss the progress made and exchange the mining resources. Additionally, everyone must take a meal. The system of starvation used in Chernobylite differs from normal survivalist methods and requires you to take a meal once per day, and distribute food rations across all participants in the group. In addition, Chernobylite has a little…

Chernobylite is sort of an escapist

A special gadget which combines the functions of a Geiger counter and scaner, Igor explores the environment to find valuable resources. If we were not equipped with an environmental analyzer of the valuables would remain hidden in the tall grass, the endless tunnels and corridors and the tunnels themselves may not be visible.

Electronic components, fibers fuel scrap metal, fuel The clever Himenyuk will find a purpose for every item. In addition that his team requires rest and some sort of relaxation, he requires medical attention and an object to aim his shots from when it’s impossible to settle the conflict and he is not able to resolve the conflict.

The Squad Headquarters has five distinct characteristics which affect the mood of satellites, the excessive power signal affects the power levels at the station, the quality of air and radiation pollution affect your health as a crew and there are beds that, I think easy to understand.

There are three main sections of construction mode that are Base improvement, the inventory of Igor as well as Allied comfort. The last one contains decorative items as well as improvised partition walls. electronic and furniture pieces as well as lighting sources.

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The designers stuffed a staggering array of crafting equipment in Igor’s arsenal, from a campfire that cooks food and a hydraulic presse to stamp basic ammunition to an anti-materializer to create forces field generators.

The improvement section that is the base of the building includes filters for air and radiation and sleeping quarters with different degrees of lousiness and then the building tools, essential items which allow access to cutting-edge technology.

In addition In playing, Igor is also able to make some art. The world of gaming is constantly changing, and, in addition to comforting weather conditions, such as fog or rain, which shields players from the attention of enemies there are also high-radioactive backgrounds, Chernobylite storms and wormholes from which come all kinds of strangeness.

This is why, in addition to the standard Kraft, Khimenyuk learned to create devices to counteract local to the hostile surroundings. You can’t shield yourself from all threats regardless of how meticulously and thoughtfully the athlete acted and acted, eventually or later, it would be necessary to get involved, since you’re not able to take on a lot…

Chernobylite is shooter

The combat aspect of Chernobylite is perhaps the weakest part that the sport offers. Shots are extremely dull while opponents seldom pose any serious threat to Igor’s evasion and movement are incredibly sloppy. The weapons used by the fighters killed cannot be removed – they must use each gun, they’ve installed a biometric scanners.

So Khimenyuk develops or designs the guns on his own and later alters them in all ways on specially-designed workbenches, adjusting the grips and butts as well as barrels and triggers. He also works on making magazines more efficient and installing sights. However, Igor has a scientific background not a professional assassin which means that the death of a person who is alive affects his mental health However, in Chernobylite the ability to stealth is available.

One of the most important techniques you can learn through Oliver has to be able to take down any adversary without taking him down. In other words, Igor will frantically stab the victim with a knife before proceeding to pour vodka over his stress. It’s a local antidepressant. Since the bodies of the game are not able to conceal, it’s more beneficial to avoid the police and hide in the high grass.

However, when you encounter monsters this trick is not going to work. Monsters are able to walk and look through walls and leap from completely unimaginable places. They are quick to move, and can cause some serious destruction, so there’s no moment to delay now is the time to take action.

Just in time for the release, Igor was so skilled in the development of weapons that his usual arsenal of shotguns, revolvers, plasma cannons and submachine guns was enhanced by a railgun that was powered through Chernobylite energy. The construction menu base includes special tables one of which makes ammo for the railgun and the other one, improvements.

It looks great, does lots of damage and certain modifications are able to equip guns with special gimmicks. For instance, thermal sights as well as the ability to blast through walls. The cost of pleasure, however, compared to the second part of the materials used to create it will suffice.


Chernobylite is a fully-fledged and completely independent product. It is unprofessional and wrong to make comparisons with Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. even for a title that is attractive. The combat isn’t the best and the logic behind the quests is sometimes a little shaky and the world isn’t as vast and exciting as many would like, but the game doesn’t claim to be AAA-quality This is an indie game from a small , dedicated team who really enjoys their work, and the game is a hit often.

To my liking, The Farm 51 has more than enough accomplished its task. It’s not all bugs have been being snared, there are critical crashes. On certain difficulty levels, there’s no need to play Chernobylite however for the price, the game has been awe-inspiring and well-designed scenery and an interesting story.

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