Chernobylite Guide – where to find the shotgun and the AK-47

This guide will explain the location of the primary device in Chernobylite.

In the zone of exclusion, it’s impossible to survive without an effective weapon. The protagonist’s journey in the game Igor starts on an abandoned, empty base. The hero is left with only an environmental analyzer and some food sources from his arsenal. To find the resources needed and search Pripyat to discover potential allies, Igor will require more powerful weapons than the army knife.

In Chernobylite, the player is free to travel in your way in any of the areas. This means that you could discover hidden items earlier than you anticipated. For instance, you could receive a gas mask before being given one in the story quest and various kinds of weapons. If waiting isn’t for you, and you’d like to obtain an item as quickly as you can, we’ll tell you the best places to get it.

Hidden weapons are hidden in places

The Chernobylite includes five weapons: a revolver shotgun, an assault rifle, plasma rifle and railgun. Before you begin learning how to construct advanced, futuristic guns, you must use and enhance the primary weapons. In time, you’ll be able to build them however, at the beginning of your journey; it’s simpler to make everything yourself in the front, and equip yourself and your friends with reliable firearms and ammo:

Revolver One of the initial missions of Michael, the gang, you’ll be taken into the NAR building, and you will be required to hack their server. Once you have completed the mission, then you can return to the building to find up to two guns and three ammo boxes.

Shotgun One is in the Cockroach’s den right on the steps. Another is located in the vicinity of the Arc within the building to the northern part on the map. If you notice guards patrolling the area adjacent to the truck, then you’re in the right place to be.

Ak-47 assault rifleThe Kalashnikov assault weapon is located at the hospital of Pripyat. Another is located situated in the port of the city, inside the building where you’ll be able to meet Cockroach in the course of completing a task. Utilize the environmental analyzer to find the weapon.

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