Cartel Tycoon preview – Gardening en masse! Review

Just a few hours in the past, Cartel Tycoon, a good strategy game that gives players the chance to play the part of a Latin American drug lord from the 1980s, came out with early access on Steam. These are our first impressions of the gameplay.

  • Producer: Moon Moose
  • Publisher: tinyBuild
  • Initial Release Date: 18 March 2021

As of the writing time, Cartel Tycoon only has an online campaign and a sandbox with some limitations. The game’s storyline is based on the task of instilling leadership skills in the future capos and entices players into a tense period of “cocaine battles.”

In it, you will follow the journey of Cesar Garcetti, who, when trying to find work, stumbles on a bizarre ad and calls the number and the mysterious contact on the other side of the telephone (exactly on the same wire considering that the age of mobile phone service has not yet come into existence) offers him the position of a “profitable landscaper.”

From the moment that the unperturbed Garcetti can cross the boundary of the estate he has entrusted to his care, the saga continues as he finds himself in the middle of a huge game involving the creation and export of drugs that are banned within the state of fictional.

It’s entertaining, even though they’re story-driven training on the basic gameplay. Instead of diving into the sandbox and enduring an array of choices, playing with this comparatively easy speed is much more enjoyable.

The primary resource in this game’s games is money. Money in Cartel Tycoon is divided into “dirty” and “clean.” Though still not fully developed by the game’s creators, their strategy is fascinating and exciting.

Like most economic strategies, for instance, all your companies will require funds to keep operating. It’s not electricity or even workers; however, regularly scheduled financial investment. While in the traditional viewpoint, these funds will be withdrawn from the general treasury often, in this case, you choose the amount of money you will be willing to spend to maintain your property.

Contrary to net profits, the dirtiest profits you earn during your core business, that is, the manufacture and sale of drugs, can’t be passed “through in the air.” This money is kept anywhere and at any time at the point of sale, in your residence, and the cash registers in your businesses.

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There are cars and trucks packed with illegal cash between roads, escorts, and massive quantities of cash stored in trunks. The money is used to pay workers or for bribes, to finance research, and nobody will begin building a new structure until the car carrying the cash arrives at the building site.

It is only regular that turbulent financial activities draw the attention of authorities. For instance, if notes begin to fall out from the glass of the house because there’s no place to store them, law enforcement will take notes. They’ll be aware of if you transfer a significant amount of cash through an area you’re not in charge of. They will be mindful if you are involved in any kind of illegal activity.

This is what drug dealers require the backing of city hall. Mayors with influence will want to build an image with the local population by purchasing farm-related goods or assisting with urban infrastructure recreation activities. In essence, the mayor will find it much easier to make a positive review of your business even if you’ve not made a significant contribution to the economy of the island.

Your business, on the other hand, will benefit from a loyal city. In addition to free roads and a little help from local authorities, you’ll be able to establish local businesses that can help you launder funds. Casinos, clubs, churches, bars, even the Chicken Brothers diner (it’s not even involved in the game) as long as you can take all dirtied cash to a company engaged in legal activities.

You’ll get all the dirty cash.

There’s no reason to carry the money laundered wherever; they operate according to the traditional patterns that are transparent and available at the banks. They can be used to finance any business in the same manner; however, for significant one-time expenses, you’ll eventually attract the attention of law enforcement.

The game is based on the system of “terror” that takes a scale that will slowly fill up with more curiosity in your cartel of police agencies. In the event that the police simply threaten to detain buildings or buildings, as well as the DEA will take some of your goods in the border area, The national army is free to take over the city under attack, and the CIA will be able to torch all of your opium farms and, if the situation is deemed to be a threat to those US informers, security forces are going to raid your personal and underlings.

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The sidekicks, known in the Russian locale as lieutenants, are characters that have different perks and talents. For instance, Garcetti, the main character in the story game, provides a passive benefit to the buildings that house your vehicles, which doubles the number of vehicles they can accommodate.

Heroes are constantly moved. They not only change trucks and deliver vast quantities of money or goods, but they also bargain and conduct raids and ensure that your buildings aren’t blown out of control. In the city, you must keep your personal man, or else he’ll eventually be no longer a part of you, and you’ll be unable to earn any internal sources of net income.

Concerning the problems with the conditional model of Cartel Tycoon so far, specific tools aren’t working. This is quite noticeable. I’d like more control over logistics since the trucks operate in an automatic mode, tethered to extremely small radiuses of warehouses manufacturing facilities and warehouses. If shipments are not scheduled, The game recommends using single-time lieutenant services. However, it’s not always practical and is great to limit the possibilities related to automation.

The game recommends using one-time lieutenant services.

There’s no way to transfer funds and resources between buildings in the same way that trucks carry dirty money to businesses working on behalf of you. The car isn’t able to redirect a lieutenant when they’re off for an extended journey, and you make a change of opinion, and his assistance is needed elsewhere. The way that they’re paid using dirty money raises a few questions. These subtleties require polishing.

Despite some controversial and possibly not thought out instances by the game’s creators, Cartel Tycoon is a captivating, exciting and stunning strategy that places a heavy concentration on management and logistics. That is, it’s more like board games than traditional Taikuns. There’s plenty to learn about the game; however, it is currently in revision, and as it gets closer to release, things could change. So we’ll have to wait and play thoroughly.


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