Cardaclysm Review – Pretty but Boring Review

Cataclysm is a collectible card game (CCI) featuring RPG elements. It allows you the opportunity to play as a so careful mage who can release Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  • Producer:Elder Games
  • Publisher:Headup, WhisperGames
  • Date of release:February 26, 2021

Although popular, the KKI genre is seen in the distance more often than we’d like. The most notable projects in this genre do not generate as much excitement as Hearthstone did when it was first released. Therefore, the developers need to play around to attract the players. Cataclysm is among these “guinea testing guinea pigs” that is far from perfect.

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The story?

I added the question mark as an explanation, as Cardaclysm, following a minute-long plot twist in which we discover the story of what the protagonist did and why he doesn’t return to the plot in any way, which leaves us with our destiny.

I learned about the plot through Steam’s descriptions, which seemed to be in line with the story. The game is about an evil mage who seeks power and accidentally releases four horse riders from the Apocalypse. The furious horse riders are determined to pursue him and simultaneously destroy everything in their path. It is our responsibility to fix this problem before it’s too late.

As I said, Cardaclysm swiftly forgets the story and throws gamers into the midst of the action, and we can play without delay.


The game world comprises small, enclosed spaces without forks or hidden places. If I am anticipating a bit ahead, I’ll say that there are a variety of biomes within Cardaclysm (forest or wildlife desert, and so on), and these maps are generated randomly after each playthrough.

The quest won’t last for very long since the only thing you could do in an uninteresting place is fight monsters. They block your path, and battles are inevitable. I’ll explain the combat system later; however,, for now, just acknowledge that you must take down all your enemies in each place. And after that, it is time to face the Horseman of the Apocalypse appears. Then you are faced with an option: go off into the portal or confront the boss.

The portal will send the uninteresting wizard to an “Interworld” bar where they can complete quests, and traders can provide exchanges. The problem is that this “hub” was found to be boring – you cannot communicate with characters or take on quests that are the sort of “bring-and-take,” there is not much to be learned, which is why, in a bar that is a fantasy, you’ll be gone for less than a few minutes.
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What’s next? The same thing – go to a randomly generated area, kill everyone, and then battle the bosses or continue the loop. However, it quickly becomes boring as the game provides nothing new, and, aside from fights against strong and unfair bosses, there are no challenges to be had.

In the meantime, I’ve informed you about the card system, which is the basis of battles, and we’ll talk about it within a few minutes.

Card army

When confronted with an enemy in a specific area where our mage is in danger, he can combat or run away. The problem is that you’ll need to kill everyone to leave the area, which instantly eliminates the notion of freedom.

The game’s mechanics are revealed during fights. Several games (over 200 total during the course of the game) depict magical creatures, spells, and potions. “Fighters” can be put before the hero on a field that is normally separated into two sections, and the rest of the cards are available for use at times.

The creatures featured here are diverse and belong to one of five factions (fire and air… and air… could likely complete the list on your own). Each has unique characteristics – some stun, others poison, and some can replenish health. The cards, however, can be “superimposed” over one another, resulting in stronger creatures.

When you place monsters in front of you, the mage can make use of them for attacking, and, at the turn is over, it is left to observe how the opponent’s actions are. This continues until the opponent is defeated.

The gameplay is fascinating. The game’s mechanics are quite interesting – each “fighter” is assigned their animations and appearance, making the battles appear alive. In addition, because of the randomness (some cards are kept in the deck and aren’t readily available), It’s difficult to know the fight’s outcome. Each battle is distinct.

But there are some flies in the ointment, and the term used to describe this is ineffective mechanics. A player’s actions during combat are greatly restricted through in-game currency, which can be earned in ever-growing places. The farming process is slow, and once you’ve had your first meeting with your boss, you’ll be shocked by how long it takes to work.

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The main character is killed with one blow (when there aren’t any fighters before him), and restoring the currency to summon more creatures to fight is very difficult. It is also important to note the difference in the game – certain enemies are fragile, while some are too powerful. The game generally isn’t very different from its primary genre.

Other characteristics

Cataclysm includes RPG elements, so during your wanderings, you’ll find equipment items (weapons and armor) that will grant the player various bonuses. They are generally designed to acquire a specific set of items (for instance, the green items provide a boost for poisoning); however, you’re not likely to find them because the items are scattered around.

There are also bonuses at certain places (to health or damage) that work just one turn. In this instance, too, the game is able to do it slightly wrong. You can’t pass these bonuses and also the enemies in the majority of instances. This is evident when a boss fight is in the near future – you cannot save a bonus from being used in the future.

The aesthetics and the musical accompaniment were a delight to me. The animations are fun and of high quality, and the music makes you feel as if you’re on an epic journey.


Cataclysm is not a “successful attempt” that adds something fresh into the realm. It has both significant positives as well as serious flaws. One side is that it has an intriguing combat mechanic, amazing graphics, and incredible music. However, on the flip aspect, the game quickly turns boring with its boringness, and there’s no plot in the sense that it is, or story and flaws in balance could lead to the need to leave all.

If you’re not a huge lover of KKI, it is possible to test it out, but it’s better to search for something else that is more intriguing.

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