Car Mechanic Simulator VR review Review

A while ago one of the most popular automotive mechanic simulators was updated to include the option of virtual real-world helmets. Here’s how you can completely immerse yourself in the cult game.

  • Producer: GameFormatic S.A., Red Dot Games
  • Publisher: PlayWay S.A.
  • Date of release: June 8, 2021

Car Mechanic Simulator needs no introduction. It’s the most sophisticated car service simulator that’s been created to date that has inspired several imitations, from mechanics for motorcycles and trucks to tank assemblers and mechs.

In the meantime, we have a modified version of the game that will be released in 2017 in which players can go through the rigors that come with being an auto repairman in the VR world. The game comes with 42 models of cars, a plethora of hand tools, and over 1,000 different spare parts.

The project features the possibility of a career and sandbox featuring story-driven and randomly generated tasks, the essence that is designed to fix and repair vehicles with varying levels of disrepair. The major differences between the current version of the Red Dot Games project are as the following:

    • Players have the chance to move freely around the areas and to pick up anything they want.
    • The developers have enhanced the controls mode “laser” so that users can reach those hard-to-reach details or press buttons

The entire section (city maps, inventory, orders), game options, and notifications are centrally located on the tablet. The tablet can be suspended in a comfy position and expanded using the pull-up feature. Creator lets you modify the height by hand. However, there isn’t an automated calibration.

  • Squatting is possible with hotkeys or old-fashioned bent knees or even those who prefer standing or sitting
  • For those with motion sickness when playing VR, You can select which way to move: slower walking speed or using teleportation and the camera’s direction quickly or smoothly. In addition, the angles of sharp turns can not be changed, and running within the game isn’t possible;
  • PieMenu (radial menu) is shown as an AR-ring section which is located close to the hand.
  • PieMenu (radial menu) is represented by an AR-ring, which is placed in the palm of your hand.
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  • Dismount mode will automatically activate as you select the tool or by hand using PieMenu. The objects that are removed right away will be highlighted with green. The ones that need to be released later can be marked in yellow, and the game highlights blocks are highlighted in red. In the view mode, similar colors indicate the level of wear on the parts.
  • Car Mechanic Simulator VR offers two alternatives for disassembly. Users can take off each bolt with an instrument hand or use the laser to point it, press the trigger, and then immediately take the object apart;
  • Car Mechanic Simulator VR offers two choices.
  • The disassembled parts and the store-bought ones are stored in the garage inventory and can be immediately placed back together using the laser or manually as with disassembly
  • There is a color-coded marker for every interactive object within the game. Blue indicates that you can play with an object, green indicates that it is within the range of the object, while white signifies that another object is blocking the object.

  • On the test drive, the driver can adjust his seat behind the wheel using the same tablet.
  • With Car Mechanic Simulator VR, several settings for graphics are available. Texture sizes, the number of objects that interact, the range of reflections, shadows, and diffuse shading can all be removed to lower the workload on the computer.

    What I enjoyed about it was:

    • VR offers Car Mechanic Simulator with an entirely new level of immersion. Whatever the size of the game’s screen is, it’s only an organized and well-organized window, while virtual reality is an entirely different world that spans 360 degrees.
    • Audio-visualization is performed on an extremely high level. Textures are clear and real and the cars look stunning.
    • I love the way game controls are designed. The objects are simple to hold and move around without difficulty, and the turning mechanism or buttons are also. Many VR-related projects cannot discern something specific from the piles of objects; however, this Car Mechanic Simulator VR has no issues with this.

    What’s not to like?

    • Car Mechanic Simulator VR got the flaws of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. It is full of bugs, and there is no instruction. People who haven’t been behind the wheel of a car may find it extremely difficult to comprehend everything;
    • Car mechanic Simulator VR.
    • The texture of the avatar is badly executed, and some objects are difficult to reach physically. It’s one thing to are looking to grab them; you can grab them with the help of a laser, but quite different when you’re trying to move them to a location that your avatar body isn’t able to travel;
    • The font of the game is tiny. The tablet can be stretched, but the pie menu isn’t adjustable. It is necessary to place your wrist in close proximity to the glasses to find the most of what it says.

    Are they worth it?

    Only if you’re a fervent car mechanic and are able to comprehend the mechanics of automobiles. Car Mechanic Simulator VR won’t give you any lessons; however, it will give you plenty of space to test your abilities.

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