Call of Duty: Black Ops Kalter Krieg Test

The players of the Black Ops series have known for years the characters’ names and, of course. Even though it is the fourth in the series, Cold War is chronologically the follow-up to the first Black Ops, launched ten years ago, and in which Hudson, Woods, and Mason already played significant roles.

The day started slowly …

The campaign is centered around the search for “Perseus,” whose plan the unit slowly uncovers through middlemen and collected data. A round trip is planned with nightly shootouts on roofs in Amsterdam are as much an element of the campaign as the ensuing riot at one of the airports located in Turkey and an excursion for a trip to East Berlin.

Amid the opener, the agent codenamed “Bell” joins the tiny group. The way he plays is largely dependent on you. A psychological profile will determine two abilities in combat speedier reloading and greater shot damage. Although these do not fundamentally alter the way things go, they permit some flexibility to your style of play.

Some missions may also diverge from the usual routine typical of the CoD series. For example, specific tasks aren’t completed with bullets but require being sneaky. Sometimes, it’s like stealth games, as you sneak through the crowd or snap photos of your targets in a secluded area. Sometimes, the game even provides alternatives that can alter the story’s direction and may lead to a new conclusion. It is also a good idea to include secondary missions that can be completed once you’ve discovered specific information in other tasks.

.. And then go for it!

It’s a refreshing and unique approach which Cold War shows. There are hints here which suggest that Call of Duty could be more than a basic shooter. However, these games usually have shootouts or explosions instead of always being different. In addition, there’s a lot of smashing and crashing with the same old ways.

Countless Soviets and communists in the air will often advance into your firing line or occasionally shoot their heads from the cover. Even at more challenging levels, it’s about finding enemies quickly and getting them out of the way quicker. Although the locations are changed frequently, it’s still the same shooting gallery aside from the exceptions listed. Furthermore, Cold War doesn’t spare its viewers from questionable motives or embarrassing instances that, for example, the most horrific acts of war appear as a nagging aside.

Technology-wise, Cold War also shows two sides. With the PlayStation 5, the higher resolution and ray tracer effects are pleasant, bringing beautiful light reflections. Textures look sharp and crisp, and even smaller fonts are easy to read. Additionally, there are high contrasts and vibrant colors. The latest possibilities of DualSense can also be used for the adaptive triggers that give resistance when aiming or shooting. This can be set or disabled in the PS5 menu.

However, face animations, gameplay, and faces aren’t on the next-gen level. The stern facial expressions during talking and the often blurry movements appear out of date. Furthermore, the missions follow an exact script: AI team members will advise you on what or not to do. If you shoot at the wrong moment, you’ll be back to the checkpoint you last shot at. This outdated concept strips promising moments of excitement and dynamism because you’re not allowed to let loose for long.

A Thick Packaging

The multiplayer component of Cold War bludgeons players with all the elements that the CoD series is about. There are classic games like Team Deathmatch, Launch Confirmed, Domination, or Free for All. You’ll have access to weapons such as assault and sniper rifles, submachine shotguns, and rocket launchers. Shooting and winning rounds result in experience points, through which you can climb into the ranks and unlock new guns and attachments. Anyone who’s played Call of Duty can navigate the game fairly quickly.

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However, there are some brand new features with three game types. VIP Escort rotates to make one person from each team the winner. The player must be transported to a pick-up point via helicopter to win the game. The other team, in turn, attempts to prevent this. The gameplay is similar to Search and Destroy, but it’s a little more lively.

Conjointed Weapons allow 24 players to fight one another in two massive groups. The game is split into two distinct parts: “Storm” involves trying to take over areas on the maps slowly. By occupying these areas and then blasting them, the momentum is built up and allows you to capture the next zone easier. In Domination, the two teams battle to control fixed areas on the maps. The longer the space is held, the more points each team earns. Both versions feature vehicles like snowmobiles or tanks that add a distinctive Battlefield taste.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, in contrast, is an homage to The Battle Royale mode Warzone that is scheduled to launch in Cold War in December. Forty players are divided into ten teams and leap from a plane at the start. Following landing, the aim is to explode small nuclear bombs. To accomplish this, they have first to get charged up with uranium that can be located in crates or from fallen players. After the bomb is loaded, it is equipped. The subsequent explosion does not just earn scores of points but also pollutes the area around it and impacts their health. The objective of the game is to get 500 points and take the victory.

While it’s stocked with options and weapons, Cold War is somewhat lacking in terms of maps. However, there are eight maps; two are only available in the Connected weapons mode. The maps vary from a wrecked airplane in the desert to the base of a cartel in the forest to a battleship in the North Atlantic. The design of the maps offers diversity; however, due to the limited number of maps, they frequently repeat them. On November 24, Nuketown ’84 came out. In addition to its brand new appearance,, it’s just as exciting as ever. Other free games and maps will be added as we begin the inaugural season on December 10.

It kills and Nothing else!

In general, multiplayer is an extensive set of features that will keep you entertained for quite a while with challenges, weapons, and ranks. However, some excellent strategies aren’t followed consistently as with the campaign. For starters, beginners will appreciate the option to continue earning points after respawning, making points series such as Spy Plane of the Gun more accessible to players with less experience. But the point series mentioned have cooled down, ensuring that the best players don’t ever again call in an air strike or the battle helicopter. Additionally, the possibility of to combat point series is improved gameplay.

However, in practice, you can see little or anything of this. Because there’s no balanced matchmaking process, casual and beginner players are thrown together with many flaws and have a great time. If you cannot manage a high tolerance for anger and rage, you’ll likely throw your controller or mouse into the wall often to express your frustration. Additionally, the emphasis on object-based games such as Domination or Position is not very helpful as many gamers don’t care about their actual role, but they are simply looking to kill and even more so in these.

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The essentially good crossplay choice has a few issues with PC cheaters and the problematic tuning. Those who can use a keyboard and mouse to a certain degree are better than consoles with controllers. No filter allows you to find opponents using the gamepad. In our experience, the disabling of crossplay made sure that sometimes we couldn’t discover a match on PS4 and the PS5 (Fireteam) and were forced to wait a long time to find it.

In the final analysis, the multiplayer mode featured in Cold War hardly differs from its predecessors. The majority stays the same except the new setting and a few weapons. This holds for positive aspects, such as superb controls and the smooth game flow, as well as the moderate cheaters and matchmaking that often appear.

Parallel worlds and zombies

The third mode of play within the Cold War is called Zombies. Like the other modes, you’ll be faced with intense adventure, puzzles, and a mystique. The setting is a Nazi bunker located in Poland. The home of the undead is revealed to be a vast complex that connects to other dimensions via portals. In Endless mode, you’ll strive to survive for as long as you can while discovering the secrets of the facility, as well as exploring different dimensions. You can also play a scrumptious version that lasts for 20 rounds.

The undead increase in strength every time they die and are able to produce new vile species that cause you to suffer. A good teamwork approach and mutual support are once more the mainstays and final options if your team of four is looking to go to the top. You’ll gain the ability to earn experience and weapon points along with unique crystals that enhance your skills, weapons, and field upgrade.

Behindstorm is a less complex version. In pairs, you attempt to remain alive to the maximum extent possible on one of the standard maps. You should not leave the area you’re in, as you’ll soon lose your life energy. While you’ll need to use your usual weapons, zombies will not be more potent in this mode. Each time you play, the battlefield shifts to a new location where the next round of zombies will be waiting. This isn’t a great experience, but it’s okay for a few matches between. And you’ll also gain experience as well as weapons points in the midst of the raging. You can’t use this game with crossplay.

The most entertaining game is Dead Ops Arcade. It is not an action game in 3D but rather a twin-stick shooter from the top. With three or more comrades as well as unlimited ammo, be able to shoot hundreds of zombies into pieces and make an effort to hang on as long as you can. You’ll also find different ways to get around. This is a refreshing departure from the typical first-person-action.

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