Cake Bash Review – Who’s the Best Yum Review

I love memes in which objects are adorned with arms, legs, and eyes around them, making them appear to be alive. Therefore, the announcement of a competition game called Cake Bash, where cupcakes, donuts, cupcakes, and other cakes with similar designs compete in arenas, made me exuberant. Having gotten to know the concept in depth, I’m now ready to explain the details of it.

  • Producer: High Tea Frog
  • Publisher: Coatsink
  • Date of release: October 15, 2020

What’s the game’s focus

The story in Cake Bash unfolds in a candy shop. There is a real conflict that is waged between the sweets – everyone would like to look more attractive than the other to be able to go to the next person. You can be the winner by wearing as many toppings as possible and then need to be purchased from the local grocery store to pay for the money you earned during the games. The whole process is as clear and straightforward as possible.

The multiplayer games are available to up to four players (bots can be used instead of living players). The contest to determine the best yum-yum takes many rounds, including longer rounds and short mini-games. Characters throw berries on a plate, smash fortune cookies, cook marshmallows over the campfire, battle wasps, and much more.

To achieve their goals, the sweet treats will go to extremes and are prepared to whack their adversaries’ last bit of crumbs. They aren’t afraid to hit their opponents with their hands or feet (there are combinations and even power punches), and they also grab chocolate and candy balls that can fall from time to time in the arena, throwing at their opponents. There are also occasionally disturbances to the arena, like the dreadful pigeon might come in and begin pecking at players who are in awe. The battles can be quite chaotic, but that isn’t going to make them any less enjoyable.

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What I enjoyed about it

  • The visual style. Cake Bash is the most adorable game of 2020. The cakes with drawn faces and limbs appear hilarious, and they emotionally react to the events on the screen. The crowd around you is watching the show and behaving more lovelily.
  • various modes. The developers have created many interesting contests. Players must put as much candy as possible on their character in one game. Rivals can fight each other by dropping candy and hanging them onto their own. In another mode, players race through the arena, armed with ice cream cups, and try to construct the highest collection of balloons. The person with the greatest shrewdness is the winner, but not necessarily the fastest one. You have to keep your opponents in check, utilize your surroundings to the maximum extent possible, and be aware of your strength to stay out of the attack in case of danger.

  • Evil Bots. The AI is quite aggressive and can show a lot of intelligence. If you are playing with bots, keep far from them.

What I didn’t like about it

  • There are hardly any players playing the game. This is great if you have friends to play against local or on the internet, but if you would like to find you can challenge,, you should be prepared for an extended waiting time. Unfortunately, Cake Bash has very little online presence so that it won’t be around for long.
  • Modes soon get boring. New maps and tournaments are added to the game when you play matches. However, they aren’t as numerous as you’d like and eventually become repetitive. It’s true; fall Guys, for instance, is a similar scenario; however, different from it is that Cake Bash is unlikely to grow within the seasonal system by adding new games and content.
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Are they worth it?

If you’re a lover of games at parties, which often include home games with local multiplayer, you must. This great game was created specifically for these occasions and is sure to bring you and your pal’s plenty of fun.

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