Bruce Campbell On How He Voiced Four Generations Of The Ash In Evil Dead The Game

“Evil Dead” “Evil Dead” will soon have an additional game, the Asymmetrical multiplayer Evil Dead: The Game. It comes with a variety of variations of Ash, the franchise’s protagonist. What does it look like? Game producer Saber Interactive talked in a recent chat with Bruce Campbell, the actor Bruce Campbell.

The game Evil Dead: The Game, there 4 generations of Ash. In a way, they are the four tapes in the main series: They are “Evil Dead” from 1981, “Evil Dead 2” from 1987, “Army of Darkness” in 1992 and the “Ash against. The Evil Dead” series in the year 2015. “Evil Dead: Black Book” remake “Evil Dead” titled “Evil Black Book” isn’t included on the list. In fact, in that film, Ash only appears in an episode after the credits.

Campbell sings the four Ashes. They are different in their classes, like the classic Ash (from the “Ash against The Evil Dead” series) plays the character of the leader. In addition, there’s the Ash, the warrior Ash, and the hunter Ash and the assister Ash. In Campbell says in a joke that he prefers older Ash the most because Ash has plenty of experience. Young Ash “can’t make out his a** from an opening in the ground.

The Evil Dead: The Game will also include additional characters from the franchise, that are played by actors who are original. Campbell refers to two things:

  • Richard DeManincor Richard DeManincor Scott in “The Evil Dead” of 1981.
  • Ellen Sandweiss (Ellen Sandweiss) (Ellen Sandweiss) Cheryl Williams from “Evil Dead” of 1981.

The actors in the most recent season are confirmed as:

  • Ray Santiago (Ray Santiago) (Ray Santiago) Pablo,
  • Dana DeLorenzo (Dana DeLorenzo) – Kelly.

It is interesting that the pair of Demannincore or Sandweiss were actors, and Their roles in a 40-year old film were the most recognizable section of the portfolio. However, In Evil Dead: The Game, they were roped into the movie in any way – which means Scott and Cheryl will sound authentic. “We are so obsessed with the fans we have that’s why we’re willing to climb over our heads to make them stop talking,”, continues to joke with Campbell.

Evil Dead: The Game is scheduled to release in February 2022. The game will have some single-player features but multiplayer is the main draw. In the next few weeks, further details on the game will be revealed.

Saber video in which an interview by Campbell appears.

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