Bright Memory Infinite for PS5 – A Decent Port with Obvious Problems Review

In November 2021, the game was released on PC First-person shooting game Bright Memory: Infinite is making its way into Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch consoles. We have played it on the PS5 edition of the game and are now ready to share our experiences with you in a brief review.

  • creator: FYQD Studio
  • Publisher: PLAYISM
  • The release date is 12 November 2021 for PC and July 21, 2022 Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

My friend AXXID spoke about the game in great detail in his article. I cannot add anything to his thoughts apart from details that came to my notice in the game’s walkthrough.

The first thing to note is that Bright Memory: Infinite has poor plot execution. The creators might have had a background in previous releases from the Doom and Quake series, but today the year 2022 is thought to be a bad idea to post all of the details about the characters and the world on the game’s store pages, and then assume that players will be happy with it.

This means that we start our journey with no knowledge of what sort of organization the protagonist is working for or what their antagonist is looking for. The plot begins to unfold immediately and then ends abruptly at the same time without any explanation at any point. You feel like when you switch channels on the television; you are taken to a movie that you have never seen before and viewed in the middle.

Do you want to know more? Find the details you require on Steam. You’re not searching at Bright Memory: Infinite; its predecessor page is called Bright Memory. The description of the game explains who Shelia is, the role of SRO, and the villain’s plans. It’s amazing the number of moves you must make to comprehend the game fully.

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The Bright Memory game, in contrast, is concise, and the game takes place before your eyes for about two hours. It’s an engaging and exciting adventure, and there are some unforgettable scenes, such as the fight in the wings of an airliner that is flying, however… only two hours? The trip ends too fast.

For PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5, the game is smooth; however, in the priority mode of ray tracing, there’s a brief interruption in the slowdown effect following taking out the last opponent on the field. My TV cannot produce 120 frames per second while playing the console; however, the performance is impressive when you switch on frame rate priority without any micro-lag.

The creators promise TAA anti-aliasing and gyro support for the Nintendo Switch console. We haven’t tried the game on the platform. However, we have no reason to doubt their claims, considering the outstanding performance of other platforms.

One of the main advantages unique to one of the main features of the PS5 version is its connection to the DualSense controller’s effects. The gamepad is active, reacting to any scenario, and triggers are resistant to pressing based on the weapon being used. If you are using an assault weapon, the trigger can be packed easily, but if you can feel the recoil of shooting with a shotgun, you’ll need to exert effort. The design of the controller was more comfortable when compared to the keyboard and mouse. It made it easier to perform Acrobatic moves and switch between various weapon types.

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When I reviewed the version for PC of Bright Memory: Infinite, my colleague complained about the incredibly long load times. For consoles, it is only a couple of minutes; however, I was astonished to see it loaded after I opened the menu for settings, which I hadn’t seen for a while.

As for the content, the game’s console version is fully identical to the PC version, with the difference that all the DLC costumes are initially open, allowing the player to immediately dress up the main character in a miniskirt or bikini.

Bright Memory Infinite will be a “shooter for evenings,” which is an advantage and drawback of the game’s title. The game is short and action-packed. The game is not without its flaws, but they’re not enough to prompt you to switch it off. If you’re not embarrassed by its concise length and the complete absence of plot, then go for it, do not hesitate.

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