Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead – Bridges and Zombies Overview Review

Build bridges, defend yourself against zombies, and enjoy Daryl Dixon in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

  • Producer: ClockStone
  • Publisher: Headup
  • Date of release: November 19, 2020

The first Bridge Constructor is hardly a well-known game, having approximately 500 user reviews available on Steam. It’s a relatively normal puzzle game based on building solid bridges to support various vehicles.

The creators didn’t make an unnumbered sequel to their idea and instead took the players on an adventure through various worlds and times. For instance, they were able to transport players into the past in Bridge Constructor Medieval, to construct bridges for horses and carts, and go into Portal, in which they introduced portals, turrets, and portals. As a result, the Bridge Constructor became a huge hit.

As you’d imagine, as you would expect, the Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead lets players experience The Walking Dead universe.

Old and new Friends

The plot of the game is fairly normal. A sudden outbreak that has risen hundreds of corpses from the earth is causing havoc throughout the globe. The remaining survivors, including Miles, an old male Miles, and the beautiful girl Kira wander all over the world, seeking an undiscovered safe place to call home.

In another escape attempt from an enclave of walkers, The couple is stuck in a pit. They are rescued by… Eugene! The same brilliant yet naive engineer fans of all universes are certain to recognize. He suggests constructing the safest bridge so walkers can pass and, consequently, not be aware of any fresh food. This is where the fun starts.
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Later on, Daryl and Michonne are added to the group, and They, too, are easy for readers of the series or comics. While the story isn’t linked to these comics, The characters are aware of one another and behave accordingly: Eugene operates with abstruse phrases, while Daryl always takes the time to look stylish.


As stated at the start, the game was built on puzzles that led to constructing solid structures. But, the objectives differ from mission to distinct – in one case, for example, the players just have to conquer the depths. In another, they’ll be trying to clear the way by dropping a shipping container on an army of zombies. In the meantime, it was clear that the mission involving the transport moving around that was a regular feature in the show – didn’t disappear.

The player must create designs from a wood stick, cement beams, ropes, and other items within a limited space. The best part is that there aren’t limits – you can play to have fun, even if you think the challenge is complex, without worrying about how much “budget” to construct. If you’re a good and responsible player and you’re considerate, you’ll be awarded a “star” when you complete the task, but it isn’t required.

Heroes can help them achieve their goals. They can be assigned certain actions, for example, the ability to move or activate mechanisms. In this case, you’ll require a brief “script” following the construction of the structures.

Eugene, Daryl, and Michonne are the three who have “abilities” that go beyond their everyday actions. The Engineer can throw an attractive toy, and Daryl can shoot an archer. In general, the characters don’t have to be helpless. They can kill an animal or two before their stamina runs out.
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The game is broken down into five chapters, each having eight tasks to be completed by the player. Each mission is interspersed with story-related dialogs and characters that make the story seem seamless.


The Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is difficult to pinpoint shortcomings – it does an excellent job, and the developers have refined the game’s mechanics more than once.

One disadvantage of the game is that there aren’t any clues. The difficulty of the missions is gradually increasing, and with time you’ll have to work your brain to complete the challenges. However, it’s often difficult to figure out what the creators are asking you to accomplish, and even the tiniest hint would have been helpful.

It’s also a mix of emotions that you can see on the faces of the characters.


The result is a game that is visually and taste enjoyable, requires very few minutes, and is somewhat of a head-scratcher too. It’s not necessary to know this particular Walking Dead universe to play it; however, if you have, you become boring. Highly recommended for puzzle lovers.

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