Bravely Default II Review – A Classic Not for Everyone Review

Japanese RPGs – a distinct category that isn’t very well-known in the US. However, playing something new to expand your gaming experience is sometimes fun. As a first introduction to gaming, it’s best to pick something familiar, as Bravely Default 2 tries hard to be that. Sometimes even too much. On the one hand, it’s an excellent illustration of the classic JRPG; however, on the contrary, an individual not prepared might feel discontented.

  • Producer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Date of release: February 26, 2021
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A little bit of history

The initial Bravely Default looked

The technical aspect of Bravely Default II is not the second but rather the third installment in the Bravely series (unless you include Bravely Second: End Layer as the mobile Fairy’s Effect). The first game came out in 2012 for the handheld Nintendo 3DS, followed by the sequel Bravely Second: End Layer. Both games did well and were lauded by critics, and in 2019, another numbered version was announced, this time with a new console that is a hybrid.

These tricks using the titles of Japanese RPGs aren’t uncommon and are not uncommon. Think of Final Fantasy, for example. In addition, Bravely Default was created by the same Square Enix – the acknowledged masters of the genre generally and in particular the industry. Therefore, it is a mark of excellence, and the whole game reflects it. Again, similar to the Finals, the story and the setting of the new game aren’t connected with the earlier ones; however, the idea and vision for the game areare unified.


Find out who is behind the crime. Is it you?

The plot of the game is straightforward – as a wreck victim identified as Seth (in this genre’s tradition, you can use any name you like. However, it’s recommended to stick to what’s in the book), you meet the Princess of the lost kingdom, and get an overview of the local politics as well as magical surroundings, then begin to fight for Exillant from the world of exile and realize your destiny at an early stage.

New friends that will remain with us during the entire game

World Balance,

The crystals of the elemental, which are featured in many of the Square Enix games, are those we must find by using the aid of Elvis The Wizard and Adele the Mercenary, whom we meet randomly at the start of the game.

In general, the experience of playing a less complicated and more casual version of Final Fantasy never leaves you throughout Bravely Default 2, and it is evident everywhere, starting with the titles (Potion, Phoenix Dawn, Ether and the Fire/Fira/Firaga spells which players of Final Fantasy know in order of increasing power) to the equipment, settings, and the combat system.

Port, hotel, and store Everything you require is in the vicinity.

The game comes with three primaries “modes,” which are: the city as well as world exploration and “dungeon.” In the town, we meet with various characters, buy items and create side quests with the intention of “going to get it,” On the global map, we move between different story areas, fight various monsters, and open chests. In dungeons, we do similar things, only using fixed saving points and an end-of-game boss. Typically, they complete the main story zones.

In the course of the adventure, you can move the weapon in the air directly “on your map” by pressing the Y. Additionally, in addition to using this technique to take on enemies and gain an advantage, it is also possible to cut the grass in this manner and also uncover valuable something in the process. I think this is a really bizarre mechanic that only hardcore gamers would appreciate because I could not stand to take more than a few swipes.

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Brothers Talking

In the aftermath of important events, there is often an opportunity to watch conversations between the characters in the game when you click”+. These conversations help us learn about our fellow players more intimately and tell the story behind the game.

Another interesting mechanic is the expedition. Once you’ve completed a task in a particular structure, you can take a boat to explore the ocean. You will receive various items to improve your character’s capabilities when you return. The trip can last between 12 and 24 hours; however, you can send it even when the console is not in use. Networking capabilities can be activated to increase effectiveness, and it is not required. Nintendo Switch Online subscription is needed for this feature.

The Courage Code and the Inactivity

Beautiful and fascinating. First 100 times.

The world is full of adventure, and in the underground dungeons, you must battle constantly. There are a lot of battles, and they can be exhausting. The good thing is that the position of all monsters is evident to the naked eye, so there aren’t random encounters. The downside is that the monsters are constantly respawning, meaning that using the “map cleaning” number will not work.

Additionally to this, except some rare creatures, the map figure in the map generally conceals the entire enemy group that is not known in detail. Lesser enemies are scared of us and flee, and stronger ones chase themselves. The first shot (swinging the weapon on the world map) and attacking with a backward angle gives the adversaries and us an advantage.

The name of the game comes because of its distinctive combat mechanic. Like many other aspects of the title, the combat system used in Bravely Default 2 follows very similar to the norm of the traditional JRPG combat system: turn-based battles on separate screen actions that are based on menus as well as no movement within the battlefield.

Courage Team

As they say, there’s an element. There are two. They can be described as the Brave and default commands. The first one lets you take additional action, at most three per turn. This is not free, Of course. To be able to utilize the command, you must spend Brave Points, which is exactly how the default option does. This is the amount to be paid.

Command of Inaction

Another exciting aspect is that Brave Points may be used “on credit” and reduced up to 3 points. It is tempting to frenzy your opponent by launching multiple attacks. And it is often effective in a limited way, but only against less powerful opponents. When you face more or less severe adversaries, you must invest and save points prudently. Also, The Bravery and inactivity feature is accessible to your enemies.

Every job is excellent

Being two black and white mages? Easy!

In addition to the combat system, the role-playing system is also worth noting. The characters themselves, in the genre’s finest traditions, expand independently. All we need is to expand these with the help of the equipment. In terms of classes and capabilities, there’s plenty of room for imagination.

Each character can be assigned an individual class at any point. In the game, this class is called Job, which means “job,” also known as “profession. A class alters how the character appears and also the skills available. The professions are upgraded from the standard level with specific JP (Job points) that we receive following each win.

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The number of available classes is increasing as we earn Stars (Asterisks), specific artifacts owned by distinctive enemies. In addition to the main category (Main Job), you may also choose an additional class (Sub-Job). However, only the main class can be upgraded.


The beauty of Galzionia in the nighttime is stunning

From a technical point of view, Bravely Default two is very well done, though it’s not perfect. The aesthetics of the cities merit particular appreciation. It doesn’t matter if it’s coastal Galzionia, deserted Savalon, beautiful green Wiswald or the chilly Raimdal. The entire scene appears like watercolor and perfectly blends with the characters.

There’s nothing fancy, Just a talking animal.

The characters themselves are adorable. However, they’re there are “stairs” or fuzzy textures. Another thing to note is the distinctive style they use for representation known as “chibi,” also known as “Tibi,” doll-like characters with heads that are disproportionately large. It’s a good match with the subject’s innocence, but it’s an amateur’s art in its way.

Moving around the map and dungeons is created at the same level as characters. The game isn’t affected by this; however, Switch could be better. Particularly in static mode – there’s often a reason for this kind of graphic frame rate decrease and blurry images. When you’re in mobile mode, it’s okay.

Japanese RPG isn’t a Japanese RPG without music that is typically good. The piece is gorgeous and natural and makes you want to listen to it separately. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent. The dialogues in the story are recorded; however, the English version is a bit dry and dull. However, you can pick Japanese that has English subtitles. Russian, unfortunately, is not supported for text. This is a massive issue for the RPG.

The controls are easy to use and easy to use, with comprehensive instruction. This interface, even with the norm in JRPGs, a large number of text menus, surprisingly doesn’t seem overwhelmed. There’s also a single-hand control mode that is only accessible with the left joystick. However, why this is necessary for a single-player game is still a mystery to me.


Bravely Default 2 can’t be described as a bad video game but is not an absolute masterpiece. It falls within its JRPG genre. When it comes to how the mechanics work, it’s almost perfect; however, at times, the game is so determined to appear classic that it’s old-fashioned.

Bravely default

The simple story, constant battles, and flimsy side quests could cause some to be irritated. However, that’s more of an aspect of the genre than a specific game, except for the narrative. However, there are excellent graphics, a stunning visual style, and enthralling music, and the technical flaws are more than acceptable.

Overall, Bravely Default 2 is a game for those who love it. It’s especially so considering the full price (4,499 rubles for eShop and slightly less for cartridges). However, if you’re intrigued but aren’t sure, you can try a free trial.

With Bravery Default 2

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