Boomerang X Test

Whatever you want to call the thing right currently, it has its own merits. First, it comes into your hands after a specific amount of time when it is thrown from a first-person viewpoint. With the press of the button, it will be back in your hands immediately. It cuts the belly of scary monsters. This is a helpful feature when these creatures gather and are threatening to blow out your life’s flame.

Bizarre yet adrenaline-pumping

It’s an odd island that my avatar and I are stuck on. The whole thing is quite bizarre. What is the reason that the shipwrecked character looks like the human mummy? What do those creatures look like? What are the battle arenas that I go from station to station without any fighting taking place? So many questions haven’t been answered; even after a long introduction, the caterpillar spits out all you need to know about the location. I sometimes find myself in Wonderland Alice on a lousy LSD journey. Colors of tangled, dark, cel-shaded shades, buildings, gigantic monsters, chattering caterpillars, and endless deep chasms that I’m supposed to explore new territory … Oh my god, Someone must have added something to my tea.

Although it’s as bizarre as it might seem, exploring those linear catacombs that lead me from an upgrade is enjoyable. Initially, I cannot do much more than shooting the boomerang. However, in a short period, I realize that the magical connection between him and the new weapon works in two ways. The device is always returned to his hands, but it also functions in the reverse direction and the person who is attracted to the boomerang at any time in the blink of an eye.

My first thought was: it’s excellent! I could throw the boomerang anywhere I’d like to go, for example, on the opposite side of the valley or a higher platform. In a couple of minutes, it’s like Neo to the Matrix. What is the point of putting my foot down anyplace if I can keep throwing the gun and let it pull me towards it? But, then, at the point where the game proves to me that I can slow down time and recharge the firing power and I am freed from gravity. I fly nearly exclusively in the arenas of battle. Throw the ball, aim, and wash and repeat. It’s a lot of fun so long as you avoid exploding obstacles and projectiles like poisonous bubbles or environmental traps that are unexpectedly activated like waterfalls.

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Oh my, it’s a fight. Despite my improved techniques, it’s not exactly an easy task in the beginning due to minimal hit points. In waves, enemies pop up, but they always appear in massive numbers, which makes it difficult to understand. Small worms, spiders, and other creepy crawlies accompany giant butterflies, frogs, and other animals. Luckily, I don’t need to worry about everyone. It’s enough to get the players marked with yellow to complete one wave. However, I do fall a few rounds due to the rush, which means I have to begin the arena over always at the start of the next wave.

Off! For instance, it eats up your patience when you start squealing at the final enemy of seven waves. It’s difficult to avoid due to the uneven distribution of recharge points I have for my handful of hitpoints that force me to take a few seconds to recover. It’s like being in the spotlight. However, the frustration is rarely a problem because each time I repeat the same thing, I am taught new nuances, particularly when it comes down to defying the defense mechanisms of certain opponents.

Most of them can take one hit; however, ,their defense tactics are more aggressive with time. Certain are entirely immune to the boomerang’s blades and are only eliminated by throwing them at a weak point marked with red (on their backs, for example). Other people rely on shields that tiny sidekicks create. Finally, the more powerful ones, typically massive beasts that can reach 10 meters or more in the sky – have multiple weak points that must be targeted repeatedly.

A ferocious but short pleasure

Once you’ve mastered the mechanics, you master the art of Boomerang X, which almost performs itself. Other weapons with special abilities can be utilized to enhance the game. Overall, Devolver and developer studio DANG! have come up with a delicious action battle plate that, once more, is a standout within the world of Indie games. Suppose you’re willing to put up with two flaws. The first is that the game doesn’t have a second level. There aren’t any puzzles or exploration. Other than small, running passages that offer fascinating waypoints, players run from arena to arena. Their layout, which includes enemy events, can be varied; however, you’ll be playing the identical gameplay in the end.

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That’s the other flaw. You’ll be playing Boomerang X in four to five hours when you’ve got into the rhythm and get into the flow. It’s a thrilling up to five hours featuring stunning actions, precise control, and everything else that you’d expect upon a shooter that’s a first-person like essential. However, after it’s over, you’re left with nothing. There’s no reason to begin again or even enjoy the experience.

This isn’t only a matter of game design. It is also a matter of skill balance. The slow motion you get when throwing will give you all the time to target and line up. You’ll be able to beat your opponent on high or on the earth. To begin with, this is a fantastic thing since certain enemies have nasty attacks and the amount of hitpoints available is highly restricted. At some point, however, you realize how outmatched you are with this feature. I think the game designers should have reduced the slow-motion by introducing an ability tree or pick. At this point, there are a handful of tasks or puzzles where you can earn upgrades to your abilities that could have helped round things up. Instead, you move through the halls and simply collect new skills. It’s a pity, as the game could be utilized to do much more.

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