Blizzard Is Making A New Universe Survival

Blizzard has promised to announce several announcements in the coming week. The first announcement is The company is working on a yet unnamed survival game in the brand new universe.

The details about the project are limited. Based on the concept of art, the location is a blend of modernity and fantasy. Blizzard the president Mike Ybarra may also hint towards multiplayer:

I’ve spent a lot of time playing with the developers of this project. I am extremely excited about the vision of the team and an entirely new world for players to get in.

The show is in the early stage of development. Presently, Blizzard is searching for designers for key positions related to design, artwork, and technical issues. The full list of positions is available here.

The game is expected to launch sometime in the future for PC and unknown consoles. After the merger between Microsoft as well as Activision Blizzard We should see to see a launch on Xbox at the very least.

Another concept art from the game.

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