Black Skylands preview – The first Skypunk game Review

9 July 2021, early access was released to an intriguing project by Russian creators, Black Skylands, which combines many mechanics with a unique game engine developed in the setting of developers.

  • Producer: Hungry Couch Games
  • Publisher: tinyBuild
  • Date of release (early acces): July 9 2021

A while ago, we interviewed with members of the Hungry Couch Games team responsible for creating the exciting Black Skylands. The text narrative shows that their chief is a shrewd person and that this is not just a typical project for him. We can now observe the fruits of their labor – the game is available in early access, and we’ve already played and are in a rush to reveal what type of Frankenstein we’ve got.

Also, Black Skylands – is an action game that blends an open world and a classic shooter with a perspective, all wrapped with beautiful pixels-rich graphics. The dystopian narrative describes the events that saw the Earth divided by thousands of floating islands. Humans have adapted to these conditions just as they do now and have built flying ships, constructed entire city blocks, or even established groups and new nations.

The story centers around the girl Eve; her father is a revered Aspia citizen of Aspia who has caused the world a mess in such a way that their home is in danger by cold-blooded bandits and mysterious alien creatures. The base must be rebuilt at the height of the universe, rescue Aspia from invaders, and restore peace to your home.

I enjoyed the story; it’s not complicated in some places; however, it is full of intrigue and forces you to go from one adventure to the next to figure out the story’s continuation. The game introduces her characters simultaneously. There’s the bandit leader, a kind of acquaintance, but not a distraught father, as well as a younger brother who is always up for an adventure… It’s a huge positive for the plot
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Black Skylands is an action game that shoots from the top, and you can shoot from both the heroine and from the control of your ship. The pixel graphics and perspective are reminiscent of classic games, and some 3D objects provide “depth” to the images you view.

The battles on the ground can be described as somewhat like Hotline Miami – the character moves with skill, and the shells shoot everywhere amid battle; you don’t think about tactics but instead explode explosive barrels or dodge weapons on the spot changing to match the situation. The weaponry of the heroine is equipped with a hook, which could draw enemies, objects, or you. The enemies are typically mini-bosses, exoskeletons bandits, and monsters. “Swarm.

The second characteristic of Black Skylands is a seamless open world that can be explored using an air schooner. The world is split into reclaimed islands and regularly protected from attacks. Sky adventures could be considered one of the project’s best aspects. The combats are intense and epic, and the command on the vessel “feel” through some form of physical laws and the seamless experience; it feels like Aspia remains in your midst.

Developers encourage exploring. It is possible to explore the islands up and down and discover ancient treasures that reveal some of the most elusive secrets in the universe. The developers will, shortly, plan to expand their locations, even though the world is in the early stages of early access extensive.

Naturally, but not without pumping – the vessel can be converted into a base, equipping it with weapons of various types to increase its capacity and altering its performance according to your preferred style of play by changing the parts.

The ship’s capabilities are not only upgraded but also the character’s abilities, weapons, and even the base itself. The base itself is also improved. Black Skylands imagines itself as a Sandbox where you will find a wide range of building materials and modifiable that you can then use to fix the sky house and construct structures like factories, farms, workshops, and factories.
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Alongside the functions of the game, it is worthy of mentioning the shortcomings and features; however, it is essential to remember that it is still an early access game and that these flaws are likely to be addressed. From a technical standpoint, I’m experiencing frequent sluggishness of FPS between 60 and 40-50 frames. I also have minor bugs. Sometimes the ship rotates around in every direction, and at one point, the heroine is killed precisely as it happened on the spot.

Of course, the enemies are incompetent (activated only once I decide to strike them). The defense of my island isn’t different than his capture, and I’d like to have more variety in crafting, but only if it’s boring (more unique resources, items).

The days continue to pass (by, by the way, there’s an ebb and flow of the times of the days) in Aspia the ape. Eva is a rogue in the vast skies, fights with anyone she can gather resources, gets close to the end of the story, and cares for her home.

At present, the game isn’t quite finished in some places. It is also unclear if Black Skylands will be approaching launch from early access for at least an entire year. However, if you look at what the game has to offer, it’s simple to conclude that the Hungry Couch Games team is looking forward to success.


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