Black Ops Cold War Zombies guide on how to quickly level up

To get through every map of Call of Duty: Zombies, The player must accumulate points. However, in the most recent version of the franchise, Black Ops Cold War, the traditional methods of scoring higher points have been modified. In earlier games, it was possible to increase the number of points you earned by causing damage by shooting zombies with your legs and then fighting the zombies in close combat.

However, this is no longer the case for Black Ops Cold War. It is now necessary to kill zombies to earn points. These points range between 90 and 115 based on how the zombie is killed. So, regardless of what the player does, you will make the same points. The maximum number is 115, and you can score this many points fighting in close combat or hitting a hard blow.

There is a method to boost your score. We’ve said it before; it’s not possible to score more than 100 points on your own. However, you can exceed this by almost four by collaborating with other players, which can be very beneficial. Additionally, the method to earn more points is straightforward: typically, when 2-4 players cause an injury on the zombie, the zombie is damaged, each player makes some points (most times, the identical).

If a player shoots a zombie and kills it using a gun, both players will receive 90 points. This is a tremendous improvement over previous games in which the points awarded for damage and kills of zombies were separate things and not distributed.

Note: It’s important to note that this is contingent on the kind of damage caused: For instance, when 3 players kill zombies, and one employs a knife, the first player will earn 90 points while the latter score 115 points.

All four players will be able to divide points for each zombie killed. However, you must be aware. You can earn an identical amount of points on your own, but it’s much quicker.

This technique lets you score many points by not killing zombies! As an example, in the below image, you will observe that one player scored 5,540 points with no killing of any enemies, and his teammate earned 7,400 points and killed 54 zombies!

The technique is most effective during the initial rounds of games. However, after the rounds between 4-5 and 6, the zombies start moving away, and it’s impossible to kill each one of them precisely. It is recommended to start on the right foot with an M16 or another low-damage weapon with high bullet counts and focus on those zombies as allies.

In round 10, every player gets an Improviser and must destroy everything that moves; therefore, there’s no way to kill the same. It’s still a great method to gain additional points on behalf of your group and get access to the Improviseur when it’s possible.

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